MoneyWiz - Anybody using it?

I am a long time MoneyDance user and relatively happy, but always on the lookout for something that might be better. Does anybody have experience with MoneyWiz (and even better if somebody has used both MoneyWiz and MoneyDance).

I realize this is not what you are asking about, but thought I would share my own input. I was a long time MoneyWell user (many years). Mac app was ok, but they struggled with mobile, especially synch. About a year ago I switched to Banktivity. I’m very happy with the change.

My requirements are not terribly complicated (primarily transaction logs, connections with credit card and investment accounts with good mobile app and reliable synch). Banktivity checks all of those boxes. Very happy with it. — jay

Thanks. I will look at Banktivity also. The thing that made me look at MoneyWiz is that they have a process to import from MoneyDance which is important to me.

I’ve used Moneywiz since 2013, but can’t help you with Moneydance import. I can vouch for their support which has been excellent over the years.

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Never used Moneydance outside of when I was choosing which app to go with in the first place and don’t overly remember it.

Now use moneywiz and have done for years, v2 and now v3 through setapp which covers iOS subscription etc as well so no specific app purchase needed.

Good app, does the main balancing and categorising well. I don’t link mine to my online accounts purely through personal choice, would rather update manually to keep up on where I’m spending. There are things they could do better, I think the trend and budget element is a bit fiddly but it don’t overly bother me. The scheduled payment reminders work well along with projections.

Hope that helps in some way and if there is anything you want me to check I’m happy to.

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Thanks! I Didn’t know it was in setapp. I subscribe to that so that makes it easier to just play with it. I can try some sample inputs from money dance and see if I like it.

Thanks Again!

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