Monitor Arm Recommendation

Hi All,

I am in the market for monitor arm recommendations. The arms will be used with heavy and wide screens 32”+.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I got this one:

I’m currently using it with a 40" TV via a VESA adapter plate ( and it’s great.

Whether it would work well for you probably depends on what the definition of “heavy” and “wide” is. And if you need to do the adapter thing, remember that’s about 2 lbs of the 25 you’re allowed for the mount.


Thanks for the recommendation. My definition of wide is 32 inch or more and around 18lbs.

I know these are not really wide or heavy. But I wanted to say I am not going to use for smaller (more frequently used) monitors.

I think I don’t need it if the monitor supports VESA. Correct?

The adapter plate just converts a smaller (75x75 or 100x100) mount pattern to a larger one. Oddly enough, it’s completely useless if the monitor doesn’t support VESA already. :slight_smile:

The reason I got the adapter plate is that the original thing I was attaching had a 200x200 pattern, and obviously the arm is 100x100 - so the adapter plate was needed. Screwed the plate to the mount, then screwed the plate to the monitor.

Also…if you’ve never done the VESA mounting thing, be prepared to potentially make a trip to the hardware store or just buy a pre-done kit that has all the common screw sizes. Some arms come with just the screws they think you need, and sometimes your TV has a different idea. :slight_smile: