Monitor for M1 MacBook Pro

Monitor for M1 MacBook Pro - hi all I am deciding to purchase this monitor from Best Buy… … it seems good enough and gets decent reviews and I also have a 27 inch iMac for when I really need crystal clear screen :slight_smile: quick question for you all because this group is great and always so knowledgeable… Am I better doing the HDMI to USB C adapter or display port to USB C adapter?

Thanks !

I had that monitor connected to my work MBP and found HDMI to work better. I wouldn’t recommend buying it because it loses contrast if it has too much white on the screen for too long.

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Interesting. Thanks for the feedback

I have the UN version on my MBP16in. I have not noticed a loss of contrast, which is not to say that this does not happen. I toggle through various settings of contrast with display modes depending on the background lighting conditions. I connect through a high-quality USB-C to HDMI adaptor. Some multi-port USB-C to HDMI dongles will not give you all options on the monitor control. I believe the best choice for assurance is a high-quality USB-C to display port cable, though I have not tested this.


Thanks. I think I have high quality versions of both cables. The HDMI- USBC cable is the Apple Branded Version. Ive heard that HDMI is a TV signal and better for TV’s and can be finicky on computers - especially Apple Computers :slight_smile: … Im curious if you guys know which is “supposed” to be better - HDMI or Display Port…

Thanks again for the advice

As far as I have understood, HDMI does not always guarantee support for 60Hz at 4k. Display port does.