Monitor for Mac Mini

Hi all, I am looking for a relatively inexpensive, 24 inch monitor to use with my Mac mini… The Mac mini will be mostly headless but I do want a screen for the few times I’ll want to use it for movies or as a second workstation… So I don’t need something top of the line. Anyone have any good suggestions? I’ve seen some in Best Buy that all look fine but I figured I’d ask some experts on here… I’ve been eying these And

Thanks - Bob

The one monitor in your price range that the NYTimes Wirecutter site recommends is the 23" Asus VS239H-P, calling it “the cheapest good 1080p IPS monitor we’ve found, it’s usually $100 less than our top pick, and the color accuracy of its sRGB preset is much better than that of other monitors in its price range.” I don’t know when they did their review though, didn’t see a date on the report. Newegg has it for $125, and the 24" version for $50 more.

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Nice. Thanks ! I’ll take a look.

Since I didn’t see a date on that review just be careful to check if newer variants of that model might have been released.