Monitor headaches

My husband is working on a 2014 MBP connected to a Scepter 24" monitor. The computer is fine but this weekend, the monitor ‘went crazy’–‘snow’ (as we used to call it) on the display and the On Display System does not come up. I tried various things, shutting down, changing cables, even bought a new HDMI cable and the problem is still there. I have two questions–1) is there anything else I could try? 2) if it’s truly dead, what is another reasonable monitor that he could use. I have a Dell that I like a lot but we really don’t want to spend 375.

Try another monitor, or try the “bad” display on another computer in case it’s the video card or port on your husband’s computer


I have an old Apple Cinema Display that does this from time to time. I find that power cycling the monitor, usually once but occasionally multiple times, corrects the issue.

I share this monitor between my work laptop (Dell - Windows) and my personal Mac Studio, through an HDMI switch. And it is only with the Mac that I see the issue. Although when I first connected the PC, it was nothing but snow until I changed out the HDMI cable.

Good luck and I hope you get it sorted.

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Great suggestion—same issue (but not as extreme) with my laptop.