Monitor recommendation for video editing (for MBP 16)

I am reconfiguring my home office for screen casting, video editing, audio recording, and the like. My last piece of gear is a good monitor to run my new MBP 16 (so I am looking for Thunderbolt 3 monitors as an initial criteria). The reason for the post is that the more I research the less definitive I am becoming. I started with thinking a bit ultrawide to allow lots of room for timelines in Final Cut Pro and Logic. New to this production stuff so I thought I would reach out to the MPU community and in particular the video content creators out there. Recommendations, specs to look for in a monitor. etc. are all welcome. Let me know your top choices if you had to buy something now and why. From this list, I’ll determine the best one I can afford (thinking I will have to be spending in the $1,000 to $1300 US range). Thanks in advance for your insights and the time taken to share.

The LG UltraFine 5K is pretty sweet. The colors are great and 5K resolution is nice; 4K at 27” isn’t as high density. One note– it can’t quite keep up with the 16 MBP; Apple’s recommendation is to still use the laptop charger with it.


That is interesting but would not be an issue to have to plug in the AC charger. I am debating between the 5K 27" or going bigger and settling with 4K, such as the BenQ PD3220U 32 inch. Thanks for your input.

I have a 34" ultra wide curved Samsung and the extra width is great when editing timelines in Screenflow. It’s also pretty awesome for having multiple windows side but side and being able to see a good amount of content, so I heartily recommend it.


Do you find it distorts too much for video? That’s my prejudice.

I haven’t had that problem, but the black bars at the side of the screen help (nothing fits that ultrawide ratio).

That said, I have the monitor because my other half and I suspected it was causing motion sickness for him when he was gaming. The double whammy of a good chunk of your field of view being covered by the screen and the fact that many games artificially distort the corners (which works great on a flat screen) seems to be a bad combination for some kinds of games. Something to bear in mind when looking at either ultrawide or curved monitors!

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At work I have a LG UltraFine 5K paired with a 15" MBPro. It’s a nice set up.


One of my clients has a Dell Ultrasharp 42.5” and I quite like it. Its huge, but the ability to see multiple documents and web browsers on one display much nicer than split over multiple displays.


I have 2 of those at work (the LG version)…lots of real estate. But looking for a monitor with higher resolution. But I like these monitors for being able to view documents better than the ultrawides…I used to have 34" UltraWide). Thanks for sharing.