Monitor recommendationsfor Mac Pro 5,1 3 display setup

For my Mac Pro 5,1 setup one of my Samsung U28E590 monitors bit the dust and just keeps flickering. Its given me a great 4 years. Pic of my current set up.

Looking to replace all 3 monitors as I like when they match. I am terrible with hardware so really just want a solid 4K display. I don’t do any graphic work and the video editing work I do is not anything beyond editing zoom / Webex calls. So I don’t need a top-of-the-line display just one (3) that I can hook up to my

Only requirements
DisplayPort so I can connect to Radeon RX 580 8 GB video card
Vest Mountable to connect to my Mount-IT monitor arm

Not opposed to refurbished if it provides good savings.

I’ve only ever had Samsung’s in the east 10 years outsides my LG UltraFine for my work machine.

I have a couple of LG 27” 4k monitors that have served me well. At times, the two flanked my iMac Pro (which is 5k), and the difference doesn’t really jump out at me. I do mostly programming-type stuff. For photos, there is a difference, of course, but, again, not dramatic.

They have display port, two hdmi, and vesa mounts.
I think these have been discontinued, but will hopefully provide some info for you.

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Perhaps this:


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hahahaha just 3 new ones! Hoping to get a bit of an upgrade but that’s not the worst idea to just replace one.

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I didn’t pick up on that :slight_smile:

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For the money the UE590 28" is a great monitor, I’ve had one for a while. If it were me, and was happy with the current setup, I’d replace one and purchase something else nice.

Are they all connected to the same computer?

Could a 40"+ curved wide screen 4k do the job? Or perhaps 2 x 32" 4k curved?

Dell S2722QC 27-inch 4K USB-C Monitor - UHD (3840 x 2160) Display

Price: $279.99 (Currently on sale)

I own three of these. I am impressed with how good they are. This is similar to the Samsung recommendation of MevetS. Personally, I prefer individual flat 27" monitors that I can angle as I see fit. I own a Studio Display Monitor and at one of my “sites” use it as the primary monitor and the Dell as a secondary monitor. For most things, I am somewhat indifferent as to whether I am looking at the Dell or the Studio Display.

Anyway, if there is room on your desk, getting one or two 27" displays to augment your “primary” screen is well-worth it at this kind of price point IMO. My own strategy is replace a monitor when/if it fails. I can live with “different” makes. As long as they are all ~27" and at ~ the same level, it is easy to move windows etc. from one to another and your eyes don’t have much of a challenge to roam from one monitor to another. The visual “discordance” of different stands or logos or whatever is something that I really don’t notice much.

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So I went to Microcenter and scooped a Samsung U28R550 for $229. Not sure of the difference between this and the remaining 2 U28E590 I have but the silver bezel on the new one hardly bothers me so the matching is less of an issue like you had said.

I do like that I have some more display options with the new one (HDR CHeckbox) and I think I’ll move this to the center to be my main display.

I Have all 3 of these on a mount-it 3 monitor arm that’s drilled into my desk. I always tried to do one vertical orientation but it’s way to big with a 28’ inch display for how close I sit.

I have thought about going with a Ultrawide instead of 3 displays but really haven’t spent too much time thinking about it.

I am spoiled with my work machine as they have me a LG UltraFine 5K, but I can’t hook that up to my Mac Pro 5,1 setup anyways.


Resolution is not so great on ultrawides.
LG 34” curved ultra wide
pixel size 0.2325 x 0.2325 mm = 4.30 pixels per mm = 109.22 dpi
Resolution 3440 x 1440

LG flat 32” 4k
Pixel size 0.181x 0.181 mm = 5.525 pixels per mm = 140.335 dpi
Resolution 3840 x 2160

For comparison:
Studio display is 5120-by-2880 at 218 pixels per inch
14” MBP 3024-by-1964 at 254 pixels per inch
24” 4.5K iMac 4480-by-2520 at 218 pixels per inch

So anyway, on the ultra wide, you’re losing vertical resolution, and the pixel size is larger. If you were viewing a letter-size pdf page, that page would only be represented by 1440 pixels vertically.

This would also make things like AR glasses really chunky for non-entertainment viewing. Imagine 3840x1080 spread across your living room.

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I so miss my 5,1 …

And I still have, and use, the 23 " Cinema HD Display and 20" Cinema Display. With a 27" BenQ in-between. :slight_smile:

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My 5,1 is my prized possession. I have loved tinkering with it and adding PCIE cards ETC. I think in the next year I’ll bite the bullet and buy a new 5,1 with lower specs but build with cads and parts as I go. I don’t need the power they offer but I love having a tower. I was thinking $5K or so will sting but I think I paid $3500 originally for my 5,1 in 2010. So like $290 a year is great return.

I have an old 3,1 & 4,1 that server as table legs to a table in my office and a 5,1 whose motherboard I tried when trying to add a wireless card when it was late at night and I Should have just wiatied until the AM. I always think about trying to replace the motherboard but it is beyond my skill and I have never found anyone local willing to repair.

Do you like these? I have looked into getting one of their monitor lights but didn’t know they made displays

I’m guessing you mean a 7,1 when you bite that bullet.

I too enjoyed tinkering with the 5,1. I got it the week it came out. And retired it in December 2019. A very good run.

As to the monitor. I like it. This model is not quite 4K, but it is good enough for me. BenQ makes a full line of monitors. I purchased this one with a WFH (which has become LAW (Living At Work)) stipend from my company, to build out home office setups when we went full remote. As noted elsewhere on this forum, one of my hobbies is photography, and the Cinema Displays weren’t cutting it anymore.

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