Monitor website for specific content

Is there a service that can monitor a specific website for a specific string? I want to monitor an autograph site for a specific celebrity. They only post new content once a week, so slow monitoring is fine.

Something like:

Edit: I suppose I could use cron and curl and roll my own, but if something already exists…

I used a similar service like this to receive a notification when the M1 Garant sale section on the CMP website would change :slight_smile:

Also you could try to add that page to your RSS reader.

Did you look into receiving an alert with Google search?

I use the same to track for any new shows. Works fine.

Thanks @MacExpert and @andreasl. I use Visual Ping to monitor the Bat for Lashes website for changes. The autograph site changes every week, and in a large way, so I need to be able to check for a person’s last name appearing (that is, text and not just a visual change). Google alerts (from what I can tell) won’t monitor a single site.

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Check this class, it might in there:

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Come back with the results. I would love to know as well

I used curl to do a search and found that the listings are generated by JavaScript, and aren’t part of the html itself. So looks like that was a dead end.
On the plus side, I did learn how fortunate I am not to be hand-coding websites with JavaScript.

Have you looked into DEVONagent pro? It can perform timed/scheduled target searches which can be stored straight into DEVONthink…


Dpes this more for sites that users must log into? and do a keyword monitor with an alert when the keyword is present.