Monitors not called the Studio

Ok, I waited for the announcement and the new Apple monitor is attractive, but likely not what I need. I wanted something wider than 27". I’m working with a Sit/Stand/Treadmill desk:

(Yes I failed paper and cable management 101).

A two monitor setup might be fun but I never be centred on it as at no time will the second monitor be close to the chair/treadmill.

My existing monitor is 27" and I can comfortably manage a web browser and document/kiwi gmail beside it. An ideal monitor would allow me to have 3 windows side by side, with about the same width. I’m guessing this would ~32-34 wide and a 5K resolution.

Finally like many others I would like Thunderbolt or at least USB-C pass through. I would put my backup drive on it.

Does my mythical beast exist? With good build quality?



…am I the only person in the entire MPU universe who wanted a larger monitor? How can I possibly know which larger monitor to choose?

A believe @RosemaryOrchard runs an ultrawide.