MonsterWriter: academic writing (temporarily) for free

According to the forum search results, MonsterWriter app was never mentioned here – so I think its current discount (35$ to 0$) is a good reason to write few words.

TLDR MonsterWriter is reportedly designed to write academic papers and theses in it. I am very far from recommending (details below), but can’t exclude the app is exactly what some of you are looking for.
(Not to mention it is always a good idea to try out a new writing app, especially a free one, instead of actually writing, right?)

Pros (opinionated):

  • Zotero integration (both via Zotero API and on desktop through the Better Bibtex)
  • automatic rendering of citations
  • in-file bibliography creation
  • ChatGPT integration (via its API)
  • support for footnotes and math equations
  • handy to-do list in the sidebar
  • export to LaTex, HTML, pdf, docx…

Cons (also opinionated):

  • built-in Zotero citation search is clumsy
  • only few bibliography styles are available, and apparently there is no way to modify them or import .csl files (believe no-go for many of us here)
  • once exported to Word, citations and references become static (i.e. just a text, not Zotero objects) - probably minor, but irritating when you have to juggle .docx files with your coauthors
  • complete lack of the appearance customization (dark mode available, though).

Despite v >2.0, for me the app feels immature and many features half-baked at this point, and I can’t see it replacing my Obsidian + Scrivener combo. Still I find the project very ambitious (resembling great-yet-abandoned Manuscripts from Nucleobytes folks – oh the olden days…), and I truly wish the Developer to succeed.

Discount instructions are available here (valid till 28th Apr), and better hurry if you want to test – the upcoming release of the web version might bring the change in the pricing model (from the website: “Until the MonsterWriter browser version this is a one time payment. The pricing after the release of the browser version is not final yet.”).

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Wasn’t MonsterWriter originally a Windows app?

You are probably right; however, I have first heard of it as cross-platform app (it’s electron).

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