Monterey 12.1 not showing up in OTA

Does anybody know why Monterey 12.1 is not showing up on my M1 MBP 16"? Is there a way to force this download or any other way I can proceed?

Thank you

I’m seeing an xcode and macOS update on my M1 16" - the macOS update didn’t show up at first.
I don’t believe there’s another way to download the update separately anymore.

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damn this is so annoying as I want the update. mmmhhhh

I have already received the updates on my intel MBP. I remember I once updated Catalina via the Mac App Store, and I just verified that “macOS Monterey” is listed there. Maybe you could take a look at that.

I will try that option. thank you

Doesn’t work for some reason as the Mac doesn’t find the right update.

Tried a reboot? 20 chars

I’m having a somewhat similar issue. If I check using software update (through system preferences or via the command line makes no difference), I’m told my Mac is up to date, even though I’m on 12.0.1.

If I launch the installer from the Mac App Store, it finds 12.1, and happily starts installing it. Then it gets to 52 minutes remaining on the progress bar, and hangs. I do realize that the time estimate isn’t always precise, but I stepped away from the computer for a few hours this afternoon, and came back to find it still at 52 minutes.

Has anyone else here encountered such an issue? My best guess is it’s probably what Mr. Macintosh describes, but I’ll have to wait until this evening or tomorrow to try that out. I need to submit grades yet today…

well it’s not just you, if that’s any comfort Users not seeing macOS Monterey 12.1 update on M1 Macs - 9to5Mac

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Mine finally showed up yesterday.

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Thanks for the link!

The fix in the comment on that post worked for me (the process name wasn’t exactly as listed, but I just kept force quitting things that looked similar, and after a few tries the update proceeded without a hitch).

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