Monterey 12.4? 12.3.1?

My old MacBook Pro is using Monterey 12.4. My M1 MBP is using 12.3.1 and when I use Software Update, it says it’s up to date.


Are Intel macs using a different update? Or is there something I am running that is preventing update? Not that it matters, really, but I’d like to understand.

The M1s are on the same macOS version so you should be seeing it. There are a few things you can try to make the update appear in system preferences. Try steps 3-5 here.

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Thank you. Good link, though halfway through, it kind of resolved itself. I went to Software Update and it still cheerfully said I was up to date. Oh, how it lies.

Then went to System Pref and used the search feature there to find “update” and the panel reappeared but this time, said there was an update!

Odd one. Thank you for your help.

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