Monterey and Logitech Master MX 3 non Mac version - only works with dongle?

Hi all. Here’s the short version:

  • A family member’s Logitech Master MX 3 non Mac version mouse was in use for an iMac Pro running Mojave using bluetooth.
  • The iMac Pro was updated to Monterey (upon demand from MS Office update).
  • The MX 3 mouse no longer worked. The previously used Logi worn-out mouse (button clicks had become unreliable) still worked.
  • using the old worn out mouse to navigate Logitech Options, the MX 3 has been made to work using its dongle on the iMac Pro, but it has not been possible to get it to use Bluetooth on the iMac Pro using Monterey. We tried the Logitech Options+ beta, but this didn’t work, and also did not recognize the old worn-out mouse.


  • if you have the Mac only version of the MX 3 mouse with no dongle, will it work with Monterey?
  • if you have to use a dongle to make the mouse work, it’s a USB-A dongle. The iMac Pro has USB-A sockets, most other modern Macs do not.

Why are we using the non-Mac versions of Logi MX devices in our household? We both have work Windows machines and want to use the dongle for the Windows machines, since a Bluetooth mouse on Windows is not always a good experience. For example, one of my Bluetooth logi mice vastly changed tracking speed when plugged into a monitor vs standalone. The dongle typically just works when programmed.

And why use non-Apple peripherals rather than Apple’s own or “for Mac” versions? Apple wants to be your only computer. Apple accessories are not switchable between multiple Macs let alone multiple Macs and Windows machines. I’m typing this on a Logi keyboard that connects to the 3 computers on my desktop - one Mac and 2 Windows. I have a mouse for each computer but my MX 2 mouse can be switched between all 3.

My LG 5k 2k has multiple inputs which can be switched between the 3 machines. The LG monitor for Macs has a single input. It’s not just about the cost although that’s significant. It’s also about the desk space you need to use multiple monitors and keyboards and mice.

We have a MX MASTER 3 and a few MX anywhere mice all on bluetooth with Monterey without problem. One of the mice is used between 2 Macbooks and an iMac, one other between a macbook and a windows 10 system.

Connectivity issues i have ran into in the past (bluetooth but also dongled mice, all logitec) generally led to Logitec’s “driver” software. I never install Logitec’s software anymore and use BTT to customize button actions.

If you have Logitec’s software installed, i suggest you remove it, remove any pairing between your computer and troubled mouse in the bluetooth settings, restart computer and try again.


This should be working fine. I use the MX 2, the newer MX Vertical and two Logitech keyboards interchangably between my iMac on Monterey, iPad Pro and Dell laptop (work issue). All are connected by Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a standard, so the “non-Mac” version will be identical in the BT communication. (Edit: the MX 3 only comes in one edition. From the product page:



MX Master 3 works with Windows, macOS, and Linux®. Sensor, wheel, and buttons will be supported without adding additional drivers in most popular Linux distributions.)

One silly thing that can work is to “forget” the affected device and re-pair it again. A full charge is also good to ensure. FWWI, I am running the Logitech Options drivers (also without issues) as it provides a lot of useful customization options.

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Is FileVault enabled for their iMacPro? If so, their Logitech mouse may not work until they’re logged into their account.

Here’s a note from Logitech’s website.

FileVault is an encryption system available on some Mac computers. When enabled, it might prevent Bluetooth devices from connecting with your computer if you have not yet logged in. If you have FileVault enabled, we advise purchasing the compatible Logi Bolt USB Receiver.

I think this is may be an issue with most/all non-Apple Bluetooth devices, so there may not be much that Logitech can do about this.

On a side note, I have a Logitech MX 3 that I use alongside trackpads on my M1 MacBook and my Intel iMac. Both are running macOS Monterey 12.0.1. I haven’t run into any issues on either Mac.


I think this is correct, I use the dongle for this very reason. I am sick of having to plug in my wired keyboard and mouse when I reboot my Mac


Except BTT doesn’t recognise all the buttons on the MX3.
The dongle as noted above allows you to use the keyboard / mouse with FileVault startup as well.

Not had any issues using the Logi software.


Hmm, I can reach every button and scroll wheel on the mx master as well as mx anywhere with BTT. So which buttons do you refer to then?

The ‘Gesture’ button isn’t recongised at all, with the Logi software I hold it down and move the mouse left / right to change my current space / full screen app.

There is mention of it here Keyboard/Mouse: Device Specific shortcuts - Feature Requests - BetterTouchTool Community ( - I thought about adding a me too to it.

If I may kick some dust on this old thread, I just have to say how disappointed I am with these current Logitech “MX Master” models. They’re useless!

I tried, first, the MX Master 3S, which is sitting right here. This is the so-called “Mac” version of the model, which is actually just the PC version of same, but in a white box that omits the dongle.

I gave the 3S a spin two days ago, with and without the Options Plus software that programs it. Disastrous skipping and stuttering were noticed immediately.

This held true on usual mouse tracking as well as horizontal and vertical scrolling. Did some homework on this, at which point I learned the problem is expansive and without any known solution. (Wish I did my homework beforehand!). I rendered it useless, then bought the PC version on Amazon, which comes with the dongle. That model arrived today, and although it resolves the skipping with usual mouse tracking, the skipping/stuttering is still apparent on vertical and horizontal scroll. I tried every setting imaginable in Logitech’s software to rectify this, but to no avail. (Yes, bluetooth was turned off, for testing purposes, while the dongle/receiver was inserted into the right side of my keyboard; about 3" from the mouse.

I know the issue isn’t with my bluetooth transceiver, because the Magic Mouse and Apple Trackpad work flawlessly as they should.

So, these two buggers go back to where they came from. I’m about to drive over to the UPS Store to drop Master Crapsters into the Amazon return bin. This is a real bummer though, because the mouse FEELS truly spectacular. I want it to work, but it’s flawed.

If there’s an alternative (ideally bluetooth) mouse out there with a horizontal scroll wheel and programmable macro buttons–one that actually works reliably on a Mac–I’d love to know what that is :slight_smile: .

Thanks, fellas!


I’ve been using a 3s with the dongle for 6 months and it’s flawless.
Which mac do you have and did you plug the dongle directly into it and not a hub?

He doesn’t have the dongle. :frowning:

Yes he does, just read a bit further :slight_smile:

Hi @aardy,
This is very encouraging. Thanks for responding.

2015 15" i7 2.6 GHz / 16GB RAM. This old boat anchor gets to retire next month while I’m in Philly for an event. (I have an old tradition of buying new Macs at the Apple Store in Delaware, where there is no sales tax :grinning:.)

Yes, I plugged the dongle directly into my keyboard (Matias Quiet Pro, which is wired).

On scroll, I notice a very apparent inconsistency–like a stall followed by an overly-fast movement to “speed up” and correct for the gap/skip. It’s surely not pleasant.

edit: you’ve compelled me to only return the Mac version (no dongle) and keep the 3S version of same, with the dongle, and troubleshoot/test this a bit more. Again, appreciate your own experience. Glad it’s been good!

D’oh! :slight_smile: