Monterey crashes when Stream Deck software running

This summer I bought the Stream Deck MK.2 which worked well with Big Sur. However, since I updated to Monterey (12.0.1) and running the latest version of the Stream Deck software (5.1.3), my iMac 27 inch 2019 will reboot, usually when it is unattended but occasionally when I am using the computer. If I quit the Stream Deck software I can go for days without crashing. I am, of course, launching many other software (KM, Hazel, TextExpander, etc, etc.) without any crashes. Any thoughts or suggestions as I would like to use the Stream Deck.

Personally I never had crashes related to Stream Deck so far so I can’t provide any details here, but some trouble shooting options I would probably try:

  1. Take a look at the Console and see if I could spot any entries/error-messages related to Stream Deck
  2. Check if a bad plugin might cause the crashes? Maybe de-activating or uninstalling third party plugins from The Stream Deck software?
  3. Perform maintenance tasks such as fixing permissions as this might also cause crashes
  4. Maybe un-installing and re-installing the Stream Deck app (after a backup of plugins and settings) - with something like CleanMyMac maybe?

Do you have any automation tasks running that somehow may also interfere with Stream Deck? I have nothing specific in mind just mentioning it for some play of thought :blush:.

Thanks for the suggestions. So far I have run the maintenance tasks in Onyx and fixed permissions with CleanMy Mac X, but did not do any of the other tasks you listed and so far no crashes in almost 24 hours. Fingers crossed!