Monterey doesn‘t show up the UPS/USV Option in the EnergySaverPref.prefpane after connecting one

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For my 2020 27“ iMac I‘ve had to buy an UPS to shut it down controlled by automation using Keyboard Maestro Macros in conjunction with the Application Power Manager when it gets no more power.

My iMac seems to not detect the UPS with every version of macOS Monterey installed that is possible to install on this machine.

My UPS is the Green Cell UPS05 (2000va/1200W Model). In the datasheet of this UPS (which you can download on the Web Page) you can see that it is compatible to use with a Mac - and there for my iMac should normally detect it via plug and play. But it doesn’t.

I‘ve tried nearly everything but the way of setting up my whole setup from scratch with the clean install method and I’m banging my head against the wall because of the fact that there is still this bug in the System installation that tells me there is no UPS connection.

Even trying to open the EnergySaver.prefpane (which is thankfully in its location on the System partition) manually is not possible.

I‘m hoping to get the help I need to get the UPS detected.

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I’m not familiar with that vendor or model. Perhaps one of the FAQ’s and/or contacting their support at Contact us - Green Cell definitely help - Green Cell might be of more direct assistance?

Hello @rms

Thank you for your reply. A friend of mine has absolutely the same iMac as I have and even the same UPS. He is using the 2020 iMac running macOS Mojave and has no issues.

He has absolutely no idea how he could help me with this situation.

Even though I am thinking that it is a bug in Monterey and I need help with anything I could get to fix this on the side of the OS I am using I will contact the Green Cell Support for help, too - thanks for suggesting that.

Greetings from Germany


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As a customer you have a little bit of power, so use it!

Also, try using a different/new cable between the UPS and the iMac. Perhaps borrow your friend’s–which is apparently working–as a test.

Hi @rms

I’ve contacted the Green Cell Customer Support since the last time I wrote my reply to you and now I have to wait for their response.

Your idea is a brilliant one to use another cable - and I am sorry if I didn’t mentioned this in my OP - but that was already mentioned by my father to test that and I did it with 10 different cables with the length from 0.5m up to 5m and every time there was no detection for the UPS.

Greetings from Germany


Another related idea, borrow your friend’s UPS and cable, and try it with your iMac. That might help isolate issue.

That sounds funny … but I’ll ask him if he could do me this favor….

May I ask you what are you hoping to get from that test?

If it works, then it’s probably not the iMac at fault.

Could also use a successful test to then test your menagerie of wires.

The vendor also may have information about details of what model/serial numbers work with what patch levels of macOS–nor not, as the case may be.

Hello @rms

My friend came yesterday bringing his UPS with its original wires and his iMac and we‘ve done the testing and what should I say … his iMac has detected my UPS and his UPS wasn’t detected by my iMac either.

The GreenCell support hasn’t answered yet - and I am still banging my head against the wall because of the fact that we‘ve made an hardware test on my machine and the test says that my iMac hasn’t any issues.

I‘ve absolutely no idea what is going on … and Apple support wanted me to bring my iMac into the next store so they could change the logicboard and the ssd and graphics for about 1200 to 1600€ … uhmm by the way I told them about the hardware test I made and the fact that the hardware test gave me the feedback that my machine has no f*** issues. Shame on this support.

I’ve to get to fix this - without any more costs because I have to live on a budget at Moment and therefor I have no 500€ to buy another UPS that supports a Mac with a minimum of 1000 - 1200 watts power at minimum.

Greetings from Germany


Well, I guess the good news is you appear to have isolated the problem–the iMac. I don’t know, at this stage, what to suggest–especially since Apple Store could find no fault but suggested changing the logic board. Pity not covered by Apple Care.

I purchased one of the Amazon-branded UPS for a lot less than 500€ … maybe available in Germany? Certainly would be returnable if not.

Sorry you have to go through this.

How about on your iMac

  • reset SMC
  • reset PRAM
  • boot into safe mode (i am told it does something but not sure. give it a shot anyway)