Monument as cloud storage for Photos

I heard about Monument for Photos from BackBlaze , just wondering any one using it and can share your experience, pros and cons , etc


I haven’t. I saw them a couple years ago when looking for iCloud alternatives, but they only had their self-hosted hardware solution. And that was more expensive than I was willing to pay to try it. I didn’t realize they had a cloud option released. I’m always hesitant though because everything other than iCloud seems to get shut down (Everpix, Picturelife, etc…) and most everything I’ve tried has always been worse than using iCloud.

But at $99/yr it’s a bit more affordable than iCloud. I may give this a proper try. :blush:

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As an alternative to self-hosted photos, it seems great. Backblaze is a reliable storage partner, too.

Competing against Apple and Google Photos directly seems challenging. I wonder if they should offer a smaller plan to entice those users before they mentally commit to one of the tech giants.

I do feel the need to point out that Monument’s claim that iCloud is Apple only is patently false, though it doesn’t support Android.