Moom grid can be set to anything—like 60x60!

When using Moom recently, I came up against a limitation. Under Mouse, you can only set the grid to 25x25 if you type in numbers (the sliders only go up to 9)…as here:

The documentation gives an script command, however, that allows ANY number: Many Tricks · Support


  1. Open terminal and add this:
    defaults write com.manytricks.Moom "Grid: Maximum Dimension Size" -int 60
  2. Quit Moom
  3. Reopen Moom

I don’t know if anyone else even cares, but figured I’d mention it here.


The programmer in me wants to know if you can set the grid size larger than the pixel size of your display. Or in programmer-speak, “so exactly how many bytes is that int, exactly?” :smiley:

lol only one way to find out :smirk: