More HomeKit Questions - Light switch replacement

What’s the best way to change out your wired light switch when there are two switches on the panel, one for a light and one for a fan, and it’s the only panel controlling the lights/fan.

My wife keeps turning off my Hue lights, making them unresponsive, and she refuses to learn about the Hue switch.

I got a pack of these to sort out one of the panels where the switch arrangement is counter intuitive so we kept turning off the wrong light:

The other thing I’d suggest, if you haven’t already, is make sure the Hue switch unit is right next to the existing switch panel so your wife doesn’t have to go looking elsewhere for it.

If you get it tied in with HomeKit so she can ask Siri to turn the light on / off that may help too. My girlfriend wasn’t too excited about my replacing a load of lights with Hue bulbs until she found out that she can just yell out to Siri to change the lights.

In one place, I put in a Caseta switch, replacing one of the two old switches.

In my living room, I put in two Casetas, one for the fan and another for the lights, and there are two other old-school switches in the panel.

Something like this is what I think you’re describing? I’ve seen them in pretty much every combination.