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Help here. I am trying to use MacOs Mail App to handle my emails. However, I come from using Outlook on Windows and there I had some quick actions that I press Archive and it would mark as read and Archive. I am trying to get some similar functionality on macOS Catalina Mail App. @MacSparky mentioned some app that would give some more power to the mail app but I do not remember in which episode or the app name. Can someone tell me how can I do this? I archive my mails manually, with quick actions…

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Luis … it’s sad but Apple Mail does need extra help for power users. I use SaneBox, the sometimes MPU sponsor for the main addition of features like auto mailbox sorting, snoozing, and reminders for non-replies. SaneBox works on both iOS and Mac because it’s a web service.

On the Mac, I like the Mailtags/Mail Act-On combination. It adds quite a few features, like deferred send. I know they are working on a Catalina version but last time I checked, it’s still in beta.

Hope that helps as a start.

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I’ve been using MailSuite from SmallCubed - the successor to the Mailtags/Mail Act-On plugins @MacSparky mentioned:

@mikeschmitz did a video on it for ScreenCasts ONLINE earlier this year too:

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I am running the beta of the MailSuite software on Catalina, but I only use the Mail Act-On plugin, not Mail Tags. I was able to configure my shortcut keys to file things in the right folders, but the plug-in crashes mail every time I try to make an outbox rule. So there are still some bugs to be worked out before it gets released.

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I sent in a bug report to SmallCubed about my outbox rule problem after they released MailSuite for Catalina. They recently released a point update that addressed part of the problem, but not all it. They just sent me a test build that fixed the problem, so I expect they will release another point update soon. I am a happy Mail Act-On user.