"More space" on Second Monitor

I was just able to connect my new Mac (M1 Max) to my external monitor thanks to the support of this wonderful group.

I would really appreciate your advice/thoughts on the following:

  • Is it possible to make the external monitor show the screen in the same way as the laptop does when using these steps: System Preferences > Displays > “More Space”. I just found this feature and am in love. I tinkered with the options on my monitor but was not successful. It does not seem to be entirely based on the resolution, and if it is, then I am using the maximum possible on my external monitor which leads me to my second question.

  • Is there an external monitor that can achieve what I am looking for?

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You are correct. The size of the monitor matters, too. Two monitors with the same resolution but different sizes will look quite different. Try different combinations of “Larger Text” and “More Space” until the two monitors appear as close as possible given that you only have a few choices available for each.

Probably not unless the two monitors are the same size.

If you use an app like EasyRes you can set the resolution of the monitors using resolution rather than Apple’s humanised language.

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I’ve been using an app called Displays for years, and it continues to serve me well. One thing I like about Displays is that it allows me to assign keyboard shortcuts to keyboard resolutions. I use these keyboard shortcuts directly, in automations (most notably Shortcuts), and with my Stream Deck.

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