Most representative benchmark for comparing potential purchases ...?

Getting closer to pulling the proverbial trigger on a 2018 Mini.

Looking to benchmark it against my 2012 to get some idea of relative performance. My 2012’s i7 comes in at 650-ish on Geekbench 5 for a single core, and the 2018 Mini’s i7 comes in around 1150-ish. Multi-core differences are comparatively similar, with the 2018 being a bit over twice as fast as the 2012.

As far as synthetic performance measures go, is Geekbench 5 reliable? Or is there another benchmark that’s a better choice?

It’s there a website with disk benchmark figures? That will come into play in real world situations.

Check out some of the comparison tests over at Bare Feats. They have three comparison-test articles on the 2018 mini from last November/December.