Mountain from appgeniers missing connected network drives and can not mount after Ventuira upgrade

I m using Mountain and really like it - if it works. Which it does not on my M1 MacBook after upgrade to Ventura as well as on my intel iMac after the upgrade to the macOS before Ventura.

The whole section of mounted drives is missing as well as I can not mount networks drives from Mountain anymore - which renders Mountain quite useless. Support does not come back to me, even though I bought the app (I assume it is abandonware now…).

First questiopn: Any idea how I can fix this?
Second question: Alternatives to Mountain which work?



can’t you connect from finder using SMB or AFP ? Can you ‘see’ the network drive by their ip addresses, can you ping them?

I used automounter but also hit and miss

Sure - it works from the finder - so I can still use the netqwork shares. But Mountain has such a nice ad user friendly Menu bar item to see the recently used, connect, op[en und unmount the shares (and ocal drives). And I got used to using Mountain.

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