Mountain from appgeniers missing connected network drives and can not mount after Ventuira upgrade

I m using Mountain and really like it - if it works. Which it does not on my M1 MacBook after upgrade to Ventura as well as on my intel iMac after the upgrade to the macOS before Ventura.

The whole section of mounted drives is missing as well as I can not mount networks drives from Mountain anymore - which renders Mountain quite useless. Support does not come back to me, even though I bought the app (I assume it is abandonware now…).

First questiopn: Any idea how I can fix this?
Second question: Alternatives to Mountain which work?



can’t you connect from finder using SMB or AFP ? Can you ‘see’ the network drive by their ip addresses, can you ping them?

I used automounter but also hit and miss

Sure - it works from the finder - so I can still use the netqwork shares. But Mountain has such a nice ad user friendly Menu bar item to see the recently used, connect, op[en und unmount the shares (and ocal drives). And I got used to using Mountain.

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oh I also have the same problem and couldn’t seem to find the solution anywhere.

Mountain app had the ability to favourite mounted drives so that they would automatically connect when starting the machine (or reconnecting if you lose connection).
That’s all gone now, and as the OP mentioned, contacting support gets nothing but crickets.

I would also like to know if someone found a workaround, or has an alternative app they could recommend.
Essentially, I would love for my mac to reconnect to my Synology NAS after disconnect.

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Hi all,

I have to apologize. I’m only a spare-time indie-developer, mainly building helpful apps for myself. In the recent time, I did not find the time to update Mountain. Instead, I focussed on a new app to control battery charging of my MacBook. I was using my MacBook Pro mostly connected to power. That caused the battery to wear out quickly. “Optimized Battery Charging” from Apple did not work for me. Hence, I developed Energiza Pro that I recently released. My next plans are to take the UI and use it for a new version of Mountain.

In the meantime, I would love to get some feedback on Energiza. You can use it 30 days for free. If you like it and want to get a licence, I’m happy to offer you a discount.


The web UI is very nicely done, great job on this. I just installed the app, will share any feedback after some use

However, I tried to download the zip file (only 24Mb) but takes a long time to download. I did a speedtest on my end and it has 100Mpbs, so it should not take more than 4 mins to download 24 MB zip file.

This could affect user experience

It downloaded in < 5 seconds on my gigabit connection.

Installed it now to have an explore.


Hi. Looks - good.It would be nice, if it could also record the history of charging - battery usage, but not really necessary.

I installed it (download fine), and will let you know.

Looking forward to the new version of Mountain, as it is an extremely useful tool, and I miss it’s functionality at the monment.



Hi Rainer (@Rkrug) ,
thank you very much for suggesting the history feature. I will think about how to integrate it. :+1:


Hi @fuzzygel,

thanks for your feedback. I very much appreciate that you like the UI. Hopefully, the slow download speed was just temporarily.