Mouse Lag with RX560 eGPU

Recently started noticing a lag with my Magic Mouse 2 when my 2020 16" MBP is utilizing my RX560 eGPU. I have tried adjusting the resultion on the 2 attached monitors to no avail. I have also reset the SMC and the NVRAM. No change.

Mouse works perfectly without the eGPU.

Thoughts/ideas on a fix?


Might not help but I had interference on my Mac mini with Bluetooth mouse / keyboard when certain things were plugged in (that said it was USB 3 rather than thunderbolt), changing ports helped it as did subsequently using an adapter but it’s not an ideal solution.

Only other thought is:

Hopefully one of those randomly fixes it for you.

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Thank you for your help. This solved my problem! Works perfectly!!!

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Great glad to hear it!

USB 3 connected devices can interfere with wireless / bluetooth signals. Always best to unplug those when troubleshooting

Thanks for that @JKoopmans! I didn’t have any issues with USB3…the reset has been working now for a week…but thank you for adding to the pool of knowledge!