Mouse Recommendation?

Logi Options is really solid these days. Once in a while, the buttons don’t do what is assigned to them, but a logout/login works to clear the glitch.

I have found using BlueTooth rather than their dongle is working really well on both my Macs.

I joined Team Trackball last year with the Logitech M570 after a nudge from a friend and some slight persistent discomfort in my right wrist over the years. It takes some getting used to but mice seem weird to me now.

When I do use a mouse, it’s the Logitech M510. If I go back to a mouse full-time, I’ll probably splurge for one of the higher-end ones above.

The only downside I’ve found to both of my devices is that they use Logitech’s USB dongle instead of bluetooth.

A couple hours after I wrote my initial reply, I rebooted my MBA… and the Logitech software stopped working.

confused screaming


Another vote for the Logi MX Master (I have the 2S). I use that on the right and a magic trackpad on the left and try to alternate to keep away RSI type things for as long as possible.

I keep a Magic Mouse (current gen) in my backpack for travel 'cause the MX Master is just too fat for that. Also eventually had the disconnect issues on the older Magic Mice with the AA batteries but that seems to have gone away since the model with the built-in battery.

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Any good ergonomic options for someone who uses their left hand for mousing? I’ve been a Magic Trackpad devotee almost since it came out, but I find it’s getting harder to use for PDF markups, and am thinking I’ve now reached an age in life where I need something different.

I really like the Logitech Lift. It’s a vertical mouse, which is definitely helpful for me (I switch between a trackpad and the mouse). They make a left-handed version.

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I’ve become a big trackball fan (thumbballs specifically) in the last year.

I have a left handed Elecom EX-G thumbball on my desk that I try to remember to use. Logitech MX Ergo Thumbball on the right hand side. I remember about 25% of the time to use the left hand one, but I think it helps.

I’d also highly recommend SteerMouse. It’s a system settings pane (which sometimes causes headaches) but the settings it can apply to individual mice are nearly limitless. It also has a feature where you can apply popular settings to your mouse so you don’t need to spend a week dialling in the correct acceleration and sensitivity.

Chords are petty neat (press two buttons (including scroll wheel rotation)) at once and do a “thing”.

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I have a Magic Trackpad 3 right now, but when I use a mouse, I really like the Contour Unimouse I don’t know about the left-handed mouse, but the right handed mouse is fantastic and it’s customizable.

I’ve been enjoying the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse for the last few months. Allows 3 devices to be controlled, relatively easy to switch between, Bluetooth has been very stable, and it uses standard AA batteries which means it will have a theoretically very long life (no built in battery to die). I find it decently comfortable.