Mouse Recommendation?

Folks – I have two first gen magic mice and they are both giving me a heck of a time (frequently losing connection). I’m not sure if it’s my laptop or the mice, given that they’re both acting up, but questions:

  1. Has this happened to you?
  2. Gimme your mouse recommendations pls, thanks!

Logitech MX Vertical Ergo. Best mouse I’ve owned. Comfortable, can switch easily between 3 devices. Smooth controls. Dropped it a dozen times (by mistake) and it’s a good as the first day. USB-C charging – a charge seems to last forever. Never had a Bluetooth issue with it.

Doesn’t ever need a mouse pad. You can even move it across the palm of your hand and it will track correctly.


Mouse are painful for me. I second @anon41602260 recommendation of the Logi MX Vert Ergo. Pain free for quite some time.
If desk space is limited, the Trackman might be better.

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The best mouse I’ve found is the Logitech MX master (Assuming you’re a north-paw). I still have occasional disconnects, you just can’t help that with a wireless device. The Logitech drivers are lousy, so I prefer Steer Mouse.

That said, I use an Apple Magic Trackpad since I find that has better drivers, is easier on my hand, and I can use it wired to get around the disconnect issue.


I use the Magic Mouse because it’s soooo scriptable with BetterTouchTool. I had ergonomic mice and they worked well, but… I need moar power.

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Could you give an example or two?

See here:

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+1 for the logitech mx master, perfect mouse for any computer.

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Yep, Logitech MX Master for me too. Orders of magnitude better than any other mouse I have owned.

I use both the MX Vertical and MX Master 2S. I like the ergonomics of the vertical better, even though there are fewer buttons on the mouse. Either is top of the line.

Another plus for the MX Master by Logitech.

Absolutely…the Logi MX Master 3. Very comfortable and customizable

Yet another plus for the MX Master. Haven’t tried the MX Master 3 but I have the MX Master 2S. It changed my life (hands felt so much better compared to the cheap $10 mouse I was using)

This is quite an impressive endorsement for Logi MX* thanks to all for the suggestions.

I’ve got an MX Master 3. On Bluetooth it’s so laggy as to be unusable, and with the Unifying dongle it randomly pauses and judders. I’ve no idea why or how to fix it. I’ve had earlier Logitech mice that have been fine, but this one is driving me crazy.

I’ve never had issues. Is there maybe an USB 3 drive nearby?

I got the MX Master 3 at the start of the pandemic.

  • Lots of buttons that are very programmable
  • Easy switching to multiple devices (in my case, Mac, Windows and iPad)
  • Sleek design
  • Bluetooth and Unifying receiver


  • Bluetooth switching is laggy. If you can replace that with Unifying receiver, the switching experience is seamless, but that’s a dongle on the machine
  • Feels laggier compared to wired, gaming mouse. Most probably won’t notice or care but I do
  • If you wear a watch on your right wrist, the angle of the mouse can lead to forearm pain. I’m mostly left handed but use a mouse with my right
  • Scrolling is really weird with an odd acceleration curve on the Mac. I know this is partly Apple’s fault but it’s jarring.

In the end, I switched back to my wired G502 gaming mouse. It’s proven to be the most effective after testing the MX Master 3 for a few months. The MX Master 3 is a great mouse, but a poor fit for me.

I hadn’t thought of that. You’ve prompted a rearrangement of my desk because I did have a USB-3 hard drive acting as a Time Machine backup within proximity.

I’ve moved things around to free up the air space and hopefully eliminate any potential interference. Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks for the suggestion, @JKoopmans.

The Logi software that comes with the MX Master 3 is great.

No problems, super good. (for me at least)