Mouse with infinite scrolling wheel

I would like to plug into the hive mind of this group as I am seeking a new mouse. I would like a wired usb mouse with an infinite scrolling wheel. I’m currently using a Logitech M-U0026 which I know is cheap but the thing I really dislike about it is the notchy scrolling. The noise is intrusive and the effect on a web page when scrolling is very jumpy.

I wanted to use an Apple Magic Mouse which I bought but find it very jumpy on my 2018 Mac mini (8,1) and that now languishes in a drawer.

My son uses a Razor Atheris mouse which is wireless but despite its high price it still has a very clicky scroll wheel.

Can you point me in the right direction please?

Before I switched to the Magic TrackPad I spent maybe six years using the high-end Logitech MX Mouse. The scrollwheel let you choose between notchy, granular scrolling and a free-spinning wheel.

Despite using a speedy, lint-free mousepad, every few months I needed to do ‘surgery’ with the back of an oversized sewing needle to pull out accumulated dust/hair/fiber, slowly turning the wheel and digging into the small opening to pull out cruft. (The case has screws under the glued pads, so while it is possible to open it, that’s a major pain.)

That’s strange. My MX vertical has the notched scroll mode, which can’t be changed, whereas the MX Master allows switching.
This review confirms.

Yes it’s “notched” but for me the movement is very smooth and quiet. Maybe I’ve worn it down over the almost 2 years of 10 hours/day use I’ve put to it? Anyway, regardless, I still recommend for ease of scrolling.

I misunderstood the requirements. Deleted the MX Vertical Ergo recommendation as it is irrelevant.

I use a Logitech M720. It also lets you choose between notchy and smooth scroll wheel action.

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I have an MX Master 2s although it is wireless. Does what you need though.

This my or may not be notchy for you. But this is my mouse er trackball very comfortable and accurate enough. Needs to be cleaned on occasion by popping the ball and clearing lint from around the sensors. (1min max)

Heres an enthusiastic review.

I have a M720. I wonder what the difference is between that and a MX Master. And whether it’s worth upgrading.

(Likewise the matching keyboard and the MX Keys - but that is taking this thread way off course.)

My friend has the MX Master and let me try it out. It is a bit larger than the M720. It has a side scroll wheel on the thumb. The thumb buttons are a bit smaller and kind of overlap a bit. I prefer the thumb buttons on the M720 and the size of the MX Master.

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