Move cursor to default button in Catalina

For years I’ve used Steermouse (or LazyMouse before that) to enable the cursor to automatically move to the default button. Eg, when saving a Word document, the pointer quickly moves to the “Save” button as soon as the Save command is used. Steermouse is 32 bit, so no go with Catalina… I could swear there was some other app or utility to do this- any help appreciated! (I thought BetterTouchTool might have this, but can’t find it).

On the download page it says SteerMouse is Catalina compatible now.
(I usually just hit enter for the default button in a window.)

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EDIT: just saw @JohnATL beat me to it. Yup, it’s been 64-bit for almost a month.

Thanks much- appreciate hearing this!

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The app you’re talking about is LazyMouse. Unfortunately, it has been abandoned by his developer a long time ago.
If you use a Magic Mouse don’t waste your money on SteerMouse. Instead, go with CursorSense from the same developer. The latest version now has the function to move the cursor to the default button. Plus, you can benefit from other functions of CursorSense.

Hello friends… i love steermouse but I am having trouble setting the default button, can someone tell me how?