Move from 2018 ipad Pro 11'' to 2021 iPad Pro 12,9''

I plan to move from my 2018 iPAd Pro (my daily “do evereything” device) to an 2021 12-9’’ iPad Pro. I really like the bigger screen of the iPad as I also am working on an 2018 iPad Pro for work. The only thing I’m struggling with (apart from the price point) is the the 12.0’’ is not as handy as the 2018. Any thoughts on this. HAs somebody experience with such a move?

I did. I really want to love the bigger iPad Pro but it is not as convenient to move around. The iPad 12.9 is an excellent table iPad. When in split screen mode, I can have two files open and see everything I need to without difficulty. However, when I want to sit on the couch or lie sprawled out on the floor reading and taking notes the big one just feels like a lunch tray. The iPad Pro 11 shows a little less screen which means things need to be smaller (harder on my aging eyes), but it works so nicely when moving around.

Both are excellent and I’d be happy with either.

Yep. When I moved to the 11” from the older 10.5” Pro I was concerned about it being just a little too big to be comfortably held in hand. With the size of my hands, thumb-typing while holding the 10.5 was feasible; trying to do so with the 11” was just a bit too much of a stretch to be comfortable. In the end, I adapted (my hands aren’t any bigger so even now I do feel it, but I get by if/when I have to…). That left me with the sense that the 11” was the perfect trade off between screen size and portable use. I was certain that the 12.9” was just too big for my needs. My 2018 11” Pro was a beloved daily driver… until mid-2020 when I decided I needed the extra screen space, and thanks to lockdown I was largely fixed in front of the same desk for most of my working hours. I picked up a very reasonably priced 2018 12.9” from eBay, and I’m glad I did.

Now I use both, and I’m grateful. I’d be hard pressed to choose between them but if I had to, I think it’d come down to a simple rule of thumb: if a significant portion of my use was going to be at the same desk allowing for a traditional computing set-up (external keyboard, perhaps a tablet stand), I’d go 12.9. If my use case was going to be primarily mobile, I’d likely lean towards the 11”, though I’m so used to the extra screen space that I’d definitely think hard before make that choice.

FWIW, I’ve been rediscovering the utility of the swipe-to-type keyboard recently, in moments where I’ve casually repositioned myself and the 12.9” somewhere else in the house without any other accessories but still needed to get something down. I won’t be winning any input speed awards any time soon, but it’s turned out to be a useful feature more than once.

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I have the 12.9” 2018 and I will downsize to the 11” when I get a new one.

The 12.9 screen is great, but it’s pretty heavy and you really need to hold in 2 hands. Comparatively, the 11” seems a heck of a lot lighter, I do wonder about the Magic or Smart keyboard for the 11” feeling cramped.

I have both (used frequent flyer points during one of our world breaking record lockdown to get the 12.9").

I second the first opinion re table top v mobility.

The two screens side by side is the one key spot where the 12.9" beats the 11".

I very rarely get the 12.9" out but use the 11" multiple times daily.

The Magic Keyboard with the 12.9" is really functional. However, when the iPad is attached to it one is really in laptop territory in terms of weight and luggability. I would be more likely to take the laptop with me than the 12.9" as it is more functional in terms of having multiple apps / windows open and launching unopen files.

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This is really interesting, I have had the 11inch iPad Pro for a few years now and I absolutely love it. When the new iPad Mini came out, I got caught up in all the hype and bought one. It’s a great device but it is not as functional as the 11 inch for me. The 11 inch really hits the sweet spot, nice for watching Netflix etc, can still do some work with it, can attach a Magic Keyboard and it works as a mobile workstation (with some compromises).

The point I am trying to make is, the grass always seems greener on the other side, sometimes the thing you have is the perfect fit but you don’t realise, for me this was the case with the 11 inch.

I am still trying to find a use case for the iPad Mini.


I think it partially comes down to the size of your frame and hands. I’m a bigger guy and the 12.9" is as proportional for me as the 11" is for many others. Sounds weird but I probably wouldn’t suggest a 12.9" as a portable device for someone under 6’0" unless they were the type to carry a bag everywhere.