Move OmniFocus Task to Project

I’ve been trying OmniFocus again and have not been able to find a way to quickly, with a single keyboard command, move a task to a project. By editing a task and then using tab I can get to the project entry and move it, but I’d love to see some ⌘ + ⌥ + M (or whatever) to just move a task without needing to enter the edit mode.

Is this possible?

I keep the Projects perspective open on the left side – it can also be starred and have a keyboard shortcut associated with it. Then tasks can be dragged from the project currently on view into another project in the Projects perspective.

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you could quite easily do this using omni automation - just link a script to a keyboard shortcut:


Thanks, that does work but it still doesn’t free you from the keyboard. You can’t move to the dropdown with the keyboard or simply select the project as you type. You have to grab the mouse and select the project after.