Movies Apple-tv and what kind of harddrive?

I have lots of ripped movies from my DVD:s
I am trying a way to watch these on my TV.
One way would be through my Apple-TV
What do I need to make this happend?
And the harddrive should that be a USB, network HD or something else?
How have you solved this at your home? What would you suggest?

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I currently have a copy of my DVDs on my WD my cloud NAS. When I want to put a film on I use the my cloud app on iPhone/iPad to access the film and airplay it to a Apple TV. I don’t think this is the best solution but works for me. It will be interesting what others are doing.

Dear Wolfe,

Great Idea that I will try.

Any ideas when it comes to adding metadata?
My movies are ripped with different ripping tools and I don´t that neither of them added any metadata.
Any help with services or apps should be greatly appriciated by me.

All the best,


I use Plex for my ripped DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The files are stored on a Drobo NAS but the Plex server runs on an always-on Mac. I then use the Plex app on my AppleTV to watch them.

The Drobo can run the Plex server but I had performance issues with it. If I switch to a Synology NAS with transcoding capabilities, I will likely run the Plex server there and free up the Mac to be powered down as needed.

I like MetaMovie and MetaTV for adding metadata to ripped videos. They’re a few bucks each (I think – I really wish the App Store showed prices even if you already purchased it) and are well worth it compared to the free apps I tried.

For accessing them from Apple TV, I use Plex on a Synology 718+, although I find I’m doing that less and less since I now do all my purchases through iTunes and supplement that with Netflix and Amazon Prime. If I could do the Synology purchase over again, I’d get a five bay or more unit right away. As it is, I just added the DX517 expansion unit.