Movies Apple-tv and what kind of harddrive?


I have lots of ripped movies from my DVD:s
I am trying a way to watch these on my TV.
One way would be through my Apple-TV
What do I need to make this happend?
And the harddrive should that be a USB, network HD or something else?
How have you solved this at your home? What would you suggest?

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I currently have a copy of my DVDs on my WD my cloud NAS. When I want to put a film on I use the my cloud app on iPhone/iPad to access the film and airplay it to a Apple TV. I don’t think this is the best solution but works for me. It will be interesting what others are doing.


Presuming the rips are in iTunes you can just stream them from a Mac to Apple TV.

Having good metadata on the files is a big help.

Set up HomeSharing on iTunes on the Mac, and the Apple TV. Make sure you Mac is set to wake on network activity in power settings. Then your whole iTunes library will appear under Computers on Apple TV.

If you want to stream off-network, to watch movies via iOS etc while away from home you’ll need a plex setup but honestly Plex is just unnecessary if all you wanna do is get your movies on your TV.


Dear Wolfe,

Great Idea that I will try.

Any ideas when it comes to adding metadata?
My movies are ripped with different ripping tools and I don´t that neither of them added any metadata.
Any help with services or apps should be greatly appriciated by me.

All the best,



I use Plex for my ripped DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The files are stored on a Drobo NAS but the Plex server runs on an always-on Mac. I then use the Plex app on my AppleTV to watch them.

The Drobo can run the Plex server but I had performance issues with it. If I switch to a Synology NAS with transcoding capabilities, I will likely run the Plex server there and free up the Mac to be powered down as needed.


I like MetaMovie and MetaTV for adding metadata to ripped videos. They’re a few bucks each (I think – I really wish the App Store showed prices even if you already purchased it) and are well worth it compared to the free apps I tried.

For accessing them from Apple TV, I use Plex on a Synology 718+, although I find I’m doing that less and less since I now do all my purchases through iTunes and supplement that with Netflix and Amazon Prime. If I could do the Synology purchase over again, I’d get a five bay or more unit right away. As it is, I just added the DX517 expansion unit.


You can do it manually in iTunes which might be time consuming. There are a few apps available that will look up the show/movie do it for you so that might be the best option. I don’t have a recommendation though as I haven’t used one.

Another consideration is the size of your library. If you have a lot of video you may need to direct iTunes to host your library on an external drive. It’s gonna depend on the size of your internal one and your storage requirements.