Moving/repositioning the save dialogue box

tldr: is there a way to move/reposition the save dialogue box?

I remember that I could move my save dialogue box around the screen in the past. This was very handy when I wanted to refer to some information on the document while I’m naming the file.
But a few years back I noticed that the dialogue box opens in the middle of the screen and there’s no way to reposition it.

I originally didn’t give it much thought, but recently it’s been really bugging me. I tried searching for solutions or workarounds online, but no one even mentions it. I’m beginning to wonder whether this “stuck in the middle of the screen” thing is even normal behaviour or if I did something weird on my computer.

Can someone confirm that 1) unmoving save dialogue boxes is normal behaviour, and 2) whether there’s some third party app that could fix this?

I did a very limited test with a few apps. It seems to me that the Apple standard is the save dialog boxes can’t be moved. I was able to move the save dialog box in Adobe Photoshop Elements. So I guess that it varies with application.

Don’t know.

thanks for checking

I’m actually surprised that no one else finds this behaviour annoying - there are zero plugins dealing with this…

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