Moving structured .md files (Obsidian) to Apple Notes?

Hi all,

Has anyone found success importing a large number of .md files into Notes? I’d like to convert them to rich text along the way, and have the linked images inserted inline if possible. When I left Evernote and converted to .MD for obsidian, Bear was a useful intermediate point, but it looks like Bear 2.0 no longer supports folders, which is how my obsidian vault is structured.


Am searching for the same sort of solution. I’m thinking I may have to create some kind of Shortcuts action myself to get this working.

Bear never had folders. Tags are folders in Bear, and can be hierarchical (nested).


Marked 2 can convert markdown files into RTFD files, which you can then import into Apple Notes with the images embedded inline in the document.

I don’t know if there’s a way you could batch-process the conversion, but you can certainly use the share sheet to move entire folders of documents into Apple Notes.