Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on Apple Silicon

Google Chrome is already optimized for Apple Silicon. When will Mozilla Firefox be optimized for Apple Silicon? Will the download process look something like this? :thinking:

I think the latest Firefox beta supports Apple Silicon, but is it a Universal 2 program, unlike Chrome? When will the stable version of Firefox support Apple Silicon?

Yes, FF Beta is a universal app. You can sort of follow along with development but I don’t know how what’s over there translates to the beta being deemed ready for production. It’s a good sign that it’s into beta from nightly already, though.

(If you’re seeing nightly or beta still showing as Intel, just manually replace the app instead of relying on the updater. It seems like a lot of programs are like this.)

That is awesome! It frustrates me that Google Chrome isn’t a Universal 2 program. Does Mozilla Firefox also have a new icon to fit in with macOS Big Sur?

I can’t tell if it’s sized right for Big Sur or not.

On Catalina:

Image 12-3-20 at 11.51 AM

On Big Sur:

It still looks out of place. :slightly_frowning_face: