Mp4 Trimmer Recommendations

I’m looking for an mp4 trimmer application. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. The use case is that I have an mp4 file that is 9 hours long, and I’m looking for a way to trim the file into 25 separate mp4 files that are approximately 22 minutes in length.

Trimming of the large mp4 file can be achieved on software like ScreenFlow or Final Cut Pro. But the problem with those applications is that they import the sizeable mp4 file into their own proprietary, readable format so that the user can edit the file. Still, the user must export the file back into mp4 format, which could take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, I thought if the file is already in the form you want the final product to be, why convert it into anything else, right?

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

The answer is always ffmpeg! /s

But really video - FFMPEG Splitting MP4 with Same Quality - Super User

This one is manual-ish in the sense that you’ll have to rerun the script describing clip start and end along with a new file name for each.

If you have the technical know-how it wouldn’t be too much work to automate splitting it completely.

FFworks is a gui front end for ffmpeg. Works well. Adobe Premiere Pro will also do it.

My concern is the length of the video. What size is it currently?

Maybe QuickTime? Duplicate video file in Finder (doesn’t use any extra space on APFS disk). Trim the video (⌘T is the shortcut I think). Save. Repeat however many times you need.

I don’t know if Finder will be able to handle such a big file or not. But you can right click on a MP4 file and use the Quick actions menu to trim a video.

Create a duplicate of the file and try and see if it works for you.

I found a good free app called Lossless Cut which should do this for you. I don’t have link handy but a google should come up with it.

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Yes - definitely try Lossless Cut!

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Thank you! This app seems to meet my needs. It was an easy install, a breeze to work with and fast export of smaller files.