MPU at MacStock 2019!


We are super excited to announce that we’ll be doing a live show at MacStock 2019, to celebrate episode 500! We’ll go on at 5 PM on Saturday, July 27, on the main stage. Check out the MacStock website for ticket information, and the show will be published in the MPU feed as Episode 500 a few weeks later.

MPU at Macstock

I got an email from Macstock today that included this tidbit:

“also a very special LIVE broadcast of Mac Power Users episode 500 (!!) hosted by David Sparks & Stephen Hackett


Well I’m stoked to be attending… :smiley:


Can we still signup to attend?




So, @MacSparky lives in Southern California, @ismh lives in Tennessee, and they’ll be doing two live shows in Illinois. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Chicago is one of the few places I can get a direct flight.


I can also get a direct flight there! :wink:

Very excited for this!


Story of my life. I basically always travel with a carry-on full of microphones and recording gear.


I’m aware of our Chicago heavy event schedule. I feel like old friends with several of our Chicago listeners because we’ve met so often.

Going forward, we intend to remedy that. In the future we are definitely going to go elsewhere.


I’ll be there…really looking forward to it!


I was beginning to think you were relocating… :grin:


Maybe a 2nd home for David during the summer?!


I’m attending Macstock again this year. I’m driving instead of flying to save a little money plus I hope to visit some Virginia relatives on my trek to Macstock.

I was happy to meet @MacSparky last year at Macstock.


I missed that announcement.


I may or may not have bought my ticket and booked my hotel today. :grimacing:

I still need to get my flight situation figured out from SoCal. Do you need to fly into Midway on Southwest? Wasn’t seeing O’Hare as an option. Anyone have flight advice.

Can’t believe I am doing this.


I usually use Kayak to just search for flights from my origin to destination city (in this case, Chicago). My choices involve flying to O’Hare or flying somewhere like NY (which takes just as long), and then connecting :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, this is relatively close to my house. See you all there!


Thanks, I am seeing that. So weird that Southwest isn’t allowing me to choose O’Hare as a destination. Need to keep looking, thanks @quorm


Well, Midway is the only SW option. Thankfully I had a bunch of points that pretty much paid for my first flight. I can’t believe I am doing this! Go team. See you in July.


Can’t wait to meet you there! (And everyone else who will be attending too :D)