MPU Forum Link Color fails the Contrast Test

The current Green Color used for the links isn’t very easy on eyes and fails the WCAG contrast test.

Tweaking the saturation and brightness can help it get to pass and improve readability:

If we want to take accessibility seriously then 4.5+ is ideal:

The tool used to check contrast here is from the amazing color utility app called Sip


Is there a moderator or designer of the forum that can be tagged to address this?

Rather than make a global change for all users, does this site pass the test when you check “Increase Contrast” on your Mac’s Accessibility settings?

No, it doesn’t. Rather than every user trying to change their system, it makes much more sense to change it globally on the website.

Is there a good reason not to have the website more readable and accessible to everyone?

PS: I have 20/20 vision and no accessibility issues. I care about accessibility a lot as a UX enthusiast.


Not everyone would make the change that you are suggesting. For example, I don’t see anything that needs fixing. These things tend to be pretty subjective.

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David Sparks, Stephen Hackett, and Rosemary Orchard are the folks that run this forum. So start with them.

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Accessibility issues are not subjective.

That fact that they don’t impact everyone is why they are so often overlooked and discounted.


I’ve worn eyeglasses since the second grade. My eyes are now very old, along with the rest of me. I’ve had cataracts replaced in both eyes. And I had a completely detached retina in one eye that had to be repaired.

I’m not sure why you think you know what my eyes need. Apple does a wonderful job of providing accessibility options and settings for those who want or need them.

I have no idea what “your eyes need”. But this thread is not about your eyes. It is about making this forum more accessible to all.

It is true Apple does provide a wonderful set of accessibility tools. And perhaps this forum could be made better on a case by case basis. And empowering people is a good thing.

But when folks that come here and have a bad experience, and who do not know how to make changes, It is likely they will not come back. So why not make a global change that would make visiting a better experience for them?

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I’ll be curious to see what the proprietors of this website decide.

Contrast formulas are created from studies of human vision by specialists. They do know what’s good for us better than we do ourselves :-). The current green link text may be readable but the color predicted by the standards will be more easily readable.

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Sadly, specialists and other “experts” often disagree. :slightly_smiling_face:

Try it out here for example:

@MacSparky @RosemaryOrchard @ismh

Hey :wave:t2:, a bit of feedback here for the forum. I think you’ll like it.

If you’re open to the idea of improving the forum experience with very minimal effort, then I can suggest 1-2 more tweaks.

A little digression:

The Link Color seems to resemble the “MPU green” from the MPU logo. It is not only the color of the link but it also can be found in several other UI elements (buttons, backgrounds and more). I really like the consistency.

This community has been online with this color scheme since its launch in June 2018. I really like its design as it is… :slight_smile:


There are a number of things that affect accessibility—colour is one, but the weight of the font is another, and a slightly off colour could potentially be fixed by increasing the thickness of the text on which it’s used. Looking at the theme is on my list, but it’s going to be a bit of a job due to where it’s stored and I’m a bit swamped this week!


Thanks, @Christian

If you check the original post, the second pic has links with the contrast ratio of 3.01; it is the same green as the brand color. And even the one with the ratio of 4.5 has the same hue, so the brand identity is maintained :slight_smile:

Thanks @RosemaryOrchard
Absolutely but we might not need to do even that.
If I come across other things, I’ll make a list and send it to you guys in a week or two so whenever you start working on it, you can consider them.


Kinda bossy for a website you neither own nor pay for, wouldn’t you say?

Pretty helpful given you’re not getting paid to do an accessibility review of the site.



@tav feel free to reach out over email with any other suggestions and we’ll take them under advisement.