🥳 MPU Meetup in June!

Hey gang, we’re pumped to announce an MPU Meetup. I’m flying out to visit David, and while we aren’t able to host a live podcast recording, we thought hanging out would be a lot of fun!

Here are the details:

  • When: Saturday, June 11, 5:30-8:00 p.m. PT
  • Where: Burger Lounge in Irvine, CA (8553 Irvine Center Dr.)

They’ve got a bunch of outdoor seating we can take advantage of. If you aren’t into burgers, there are several other restaurants and a Whole Foods to choose from in the immediate area.

We hope to see you there!

June 7 Update

Hi Gang,

Unfortunately, Stephen’s trip to California is getting cut short. So he won’t be able to make it. Rather than cancelling, the meetup is going forward, but Stephen won’t be there. So if you are okay with only one-half of team MPU, you’re still welcome to come. Same time. Same location.

  • David

Awesome, are you covering flight costs too? :rofl: :rofl:


That’s only about 1.25 hours from me. Road trip!

After all these years having you as my imaginary friends, I’m looking forward to meeting the real people!

Are there any other MPU fans in San Diego?


Was really excited for a meet up but sadly that burger place is over 13000km away….

I have travelled far for a decent burger but this place is really really far… in another galaxy :joy:

Maybe next time. Have fun guys

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Same here, would love to meet you all in-person but sadly, as a Belgian and still a (broke) student, I’d have to wait for that day to come. Have fun though!

I’m assuming it’s part of my More Power Users subscription :laughing:
Have fun everyone, it’ll be a nice group of people who go.


I wish I could be there as well.

OK. So, next one is in Memphis. Correct?


Hah, I am in the area the week before. So close! Have fun, everyone.

Hamburgers and MPU are 2 fav things combined. Don’t think I will get “permission” to fly 12 hours to get there…

Think it’s time for MPU to do a field trip to European Relay Studios in UK and Italy! (and throw in a few meetups…)

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When the Relay live show comes to London we can do an MPU meet up then :slight_smile:


count me in … (20chars)

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Had a look at the place with Google Maps. I so much love these kinds of malls. They all look so nice and tidy. And have very spacious parking spaces. All things we can only dream of in Europe. Or at least in the small and crowded part of Europe I’m living in.

I know there are some ‘minor’ drawbacks to living in California, like wildfires and earthquakes, but otherwise it’s paradise.

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Hahaha, yes, similar for me. Travel time is around 37 hours and involves three Boeings. Not this time then.


My travel time would Lao be 37 hours but that’s driving. No Boeings required.

My wife and I did a similar trip in 2019. Namibia to Joburg and then home to San Diego. Started on an unpaved airstrip in Namibia in a 12-seat plane. That was a long 2-3 days!

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I would. LOVE to come but Australia to California for 3 hrs is a bit out of the question. BUT would love for you to come here one day!! :heart::heart::pray::pray:

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I’ve added this to my calendar. I went to the meetup with Rosemary in 2019, and I should be able to come to this. Thank you for finding an outdoor location, that’s a prerequisite for me these days.

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I am two hours from Memphis so that would be fantastic if it happened!

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If I can find a babysitter for my son, I plan on making the drive from San Diego.