MPU supports Apple Refurbished, What about “Amazon Renewed”?

Hey guys, I’m looking to buy an 11” iPad Pro (yes, I know rumors have it that new iPads will be announced at the end of the month).

I was intrigued today by the MPU discussion that refurbished products should be a good way to go. Shopping around, the 256 GB WiFi 11 inch iPad Pro is $800 from Apple, but Amazon has one they certify as renewed for $690.

I was planning to get Apple care and realize buy from Amazon would negate this. Anyone else have thoughts or personal experience?


From a purely technical standpoint, Amazon can’t really certify anything from Apple as “renewed”. Their techs (whoever they are) just don’t have access to the equipment.

Not from Amazon specifically, but I recall some experiences I had with cell phones a ways back. I got a bad phone from the get-go at the carrier’s store, and I was told that the warranty replacement would be “renewed” and “underwent rigorous testing” and something like “a 100+ point inspection” and all that.

THREE devices later, I finally got one that worked properly. Three devices. And the stuff that didn’t work was painfully basic, like the headphone jack, the charge port, etc.

So I honestly don’t trust any third-parties that claim something is “refurbished” or “renewed” or whatever anymore.

Apple will stand behind their refurb device, and like you said you can get AppleCare - so I’d go with them.


We had good luck w/the first refurbished/renewed iPhone (5s) through Amazon but the second try with iPhone 7 was a joke. 3 returned devices later we gave up and just bought a new iPhone 8 through AT&T.

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Thanks folks! I’ve had mixed experiences with Amazon products as well. Glad to have some reassurance that I shouldn’t chase a deal.

I have an Amazon Refurbished iPod Nano - but it’s an iPod Nano and happened to be both purple and a great price. I wouldn’t buy something more expensive from them, the sole exception being any Amazon devices they might sell refurbished.

Over the years I’ve sold Amazon my iPad mini, my iPhone 5, my Kindle, my Alexa and maybe a couple of other items, all in perfect working order, in exchange for an Amazon credit that was larger than any cash price I could get by selling it elsewhere. I assume that renewed items come from that, as well as from 3rd-party sellers from whom Amazon buys electronics dirt-cheap. I’d consider buying renewed from them for cheaper items, as long as the price really made it worth it. You’re trusting their testing procedures (and their return policy).

Generally speaking, I don’t like to buy renewed or refurnished gear that is battery-powered.

I’ve never bought Apple renewed from Amazon because I prefer to buy Apple refurbished from Apple (and I’ve bought a lot over the years), complete with a full, as-new warranty and the ability to purchase Applecare+ if desired. Buying from Apple usually saves around 15%, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with any refurbed gear I’ve purchased. In fact I’m typing this at home on an 18-month-old refurbed Retina iMac, which replaced a refurbed Mac mini.

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