MPU Theme Song Recommendation

I’d like to recommend a Kickstarter to get Hairball to record a new MPU theme song as a cover of the early 90’s Power Ranger intro song.

I’ve had this in my head for years.

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And a cartoon intro in the style of the 80’s GI Joe.

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That reminds me of that one episode of Community…


Ha! That’s great!

20 characters.

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ROFL! My third graders use to refer to GI Joe (GI Junk) as an “action figure”. I told them “No, they’re dolls!”

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Fun fact - originally they were much bigger and were more like dolls. They had outfits you could change like dolls. Then they shrank them and made them all plastic. :grinning:

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No fooling? That’s funny! To the best of my knowledge, they were about the size of Barbies. Is their hair plastic too?

My poor Ken doll went bald (in spots). I didn’t have the heart to put a plastic bag over his head. After a while they made him with plastic hair which didn’t look much better.

Let’s don’t and say we did…

My GI Joe had a crew cut of fuzzy hair, and a helicopter backpack! He was secure in his masculinity, and didn’t mind if I changed his clothes.

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LOL, John!! That backpack sounds like a gas!!!

Don’t forget the pre- Kung fu grip scar on his face!

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The 80s ones were all plastic.

Basically it’s molded plastic, and the “clothes” are part of the mold. In this photo you can see the designed points of articulation. That hand shape allowed for the holding of little plastic weapons, and they (almost) all had a little round hole in their back for attaching backpacks. The legs could rotate almost to the point where they could do the splits, and they also had holes in their feet so you could attach them to a baseplate if they didn’t stand up properly in the pose you wanted.

And of course because kids lost the little plastic guns / backpacks / stuff, eventually they started selling “weapon packs” which were just like what it sounds - collections of guns and backpacks and such to replace the tiny little plastic pieces you’d lose.

But this worked really well for them since instead of changing out clothes, they’d just sell you a new GI Joe in a sand camo outfit.

That’s a terrific description, Web!

But what a gyp that you cannot even get different clothes for Joe! What if he needed to dress for the prom? He has to sleep encased in plastic? But rather instead of little miniature green Army men that my little brothers probably had, they want kids to buy an entire Army of guys all named Joe!

(I taught bilingual. I honestly had 6 Josés in my class one year! And I still remember all their names! José, Josecito, Joselito, José Luis, José Mario, José C. No, not “sí”! Oh no, I’m getting squirrelly.)

But how alienated Joe must feel! Looks like he can bend his knees now though he looks like he’s readying to… (never mind), And Joe has to lug around all that paraphernalia. He needs a new shiny red wagon to tote his stuff.

Doesn’t Joe ever get to relax?

They do the same thing to poor Barbie! Rather than buy new clothes, the youngsters et al get multiple Barbies.

I was culturally deprived with just one Barbie and one bald-in-spots Ken. I took great care of my blonde ponytailed Barbie– never combed out her hair into a rattyimage mess. Then matters went from bad to worse when my sister stole my Barbie body and left me with just the head! I’m still mad about it.

My own mother threw my shoebox full of Beatles cards out, thinking I was too old. I was devastated. That hard pink gum was so nasty. Must have had 500 cards!
Maybe I can audition to sing Ariel’s Song from Little Mermaid for MacSparky’s theme. “Ah ah ah, ah, ah, ah!” That’s how I got the 8 yr olds to behave.

“Kids, I’m going to sing Little Mermaid (off key), if you don’t do your work!”

Worked like a charm! They bribed me with Pokémon cards.

How about ‘Mac the Knife’? Oh wait, maybe not…


I’m so upset I’m crying! Wow! Lmho… ah oh, in Literature they call it foreshadowing…

That’s very clever, Tim!