#MPU500 Questions

For episode 500, I am collecting questions to ask David about the show, his work and even the meaning of life.

You can tweet with the hashtag #mpu500 and I’ll see them, or add them here.

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What former guests or topics would you want to have back? When initially you and Katie said you’d do only 10 episodes what made you both continue?

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How do you have time to be a lawyer, plus have this side career in tech? Most lawyers I know don’t have a lot of free time.


I’ll think about the questions, but any chance to bring @katiefloyd on to this show? That’d be nice!


I think it is absolutely indispensable that Katie be invited to participate in this iconic episode (if she possibly can).


I’d love to hear David play the saxophone!


I agree!

  1. bring Katie back for this episode if she can
  2. David playing saxophone

How do you keep, or better, will you keep the show fresh? With the built in apps getting better and better and far less innovation in productivity apps, the market has stabilized. It’s a different landscape than the early days when every week there was a new app to explore. With the big problems solved, how do you keep going and see the show evolving without being repetitive - especially after the big OS update shine wears off? (Siri Shortcuts I know is one way but Automators does a lot of that!)

I’m with @jcarucci, how do you have time for everything? I work 24 hours a week because I’m on dialysis and get social security. They don’t allow you to make too much on SS. But I want to start something Apple related in my spare time…