MS office suite now have co-pilot

Not doubt many people heard or used ChatGPT, now Microsoft is using the technology in their office suite, branded as co-pilot

My comment / question is that is this worst then using Google suite of apps like Word, Sheet, etc ? I am not aware that ChatGPT let you know what data they collected from the users

There are also a number of incidents where information are leaked, like the case of Samsung and leaked users’ conversation history

So will you still be using the new feature in MS office ?

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No, I think ChatGPT is a parlor trick. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t use MSO and AFAIK Google hasn’t added any AI features to Google Workspace. But yes, I will use them when they become available. At the rate LLMs are growing I doubt I will have the option of not using them before long.

OpenAI privacy policy
Microsoft Privacy Policy
Google Workspace Privacy Policies

Yes. ChatGPT has already proved helpful in my work so I’m looking forward to having similar functionality directly integrated into Word and Excel.


I’m concerned about the potential for leaked information, but I’m fine using it for my day job. I work as a data analyst/engineer, and there are just too many potential benefits to ignore the technology even though I’m deeply worried about its implications on society. A lot of my work these days is modeling data from different sources to all conform to the business logic and then building dashboards in Tableau for users. I could easily see a world where LLMs are able to use my modeling work and just build dashboards or spreadsheets in Power BI or Excel for users based on a question from them. It’s a win for me and it’s a win for my users.

Also, so much of business email is just fluff so Copilot being able to help write emails and save time is definitely useful.


ChatGPT is proving useful in my work too but I use it to generate potential SQL statements to run against my SQLite3 database.

Google’s Bard is useless for this and regularly generates output of “I’m designed solely to process and generate text, so I’m unable to assist you with that.”

And where will the Meta’s much vaunted AI tool fit into this when it too joins Skynet?

What if it is the use of a Large Language Model and Predictive AI (rather than a true intelligence) that prevents Skynet from being able to wipe out humanity? :slightly_smiling_face:

Given how quickly Microsoft had to take down one of its AI chatbots atfer it produce racist and anti-semitic responses I will not be holding my breath for any AI system preventing “Skynet” from being created.

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My point was that AI’s inherent limitations will not allow any AI to erase humanity, Skynet not withstanding.

I think Open AI tools will be phenomenal for the evolution of computing. Let’s make one thing clear, the impact is not going to be in the jobs it takes but rather the elimination of mundane tasks that require patience while slogging through tedium.

I’d contend that computing is merely a microcosm of the physical world. In the physical world we are not only concerned with ideation, manufacture and supply chain but what can make or break any project is distribution. AI will help with distribution models but that will be further down the road. Until then i’ll enjoy using it at a local level.


@karlnyhus @Glimfeather

SkyNet is already here. :joy:

Does it hate us yet? :slightly_smiling_face:

Only if you shop at Target.


Target’s data warehousing system was not better for the teenager whose father did not know she was pregnant until communictions from the store arrived congratualting her on having a baby.

This was back in 2012. It is a cause célèbre in data mining circles.

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I do not share your optimism or naivety.


it is already in the plan if not actual product, see this article

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I, on the other hand, am really impressed with your pessimism and world-weariness. :rofl:


I’ve seen the marketing videos for co-pilot and no doubt it looks and seems awesome. However, as an individual user, I find REALLY FU***** HARD to like the UI of Word or other office applications. I’d much rather write something in iA Writer or Ulysses. OTH, considering most companies already use microsoft office products I think that’s where it is aimed at.

With my mac I can see myself having something remotely (almost completely different) similar with Alfred (Chatfred) and Raycast AI.


Microsoft has been using ‘Copilot’ In GitHub/ VSCode for a while now to provide pair programming with effectively an AI partner.

Reports seem to be it does a good job

That sums up an awful lot of low level office jobs which will go at an incredibly high rate. Why would anyone pay salaries when licensed AI can do it as well if not better plus not bleat about holidays safe spaces or working (or not) from home?