MS Outlook crashing on print

When I try to print a calendar from MS Outlook it will hang and crash after I cancel the print job.
It prints the emails without problem

I tried all the following options:

  • Checked of updates
  • Restarted the Mac
  • I recreated the Outlook profile
  • Completely uninstalled MS Outlook and all its supporting files in the user profile
  • Reset the printer system

Any idea’s ?

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check printer vender for reports of the issue and if they have an updated or another printer driver. Brother gave me a link to an older version than provided in macOS and it fixed the issue I had with the printer driver provided in the macOS.

But everything else prints fine even email from outlook…

Outlook also crashes when I save the agenda as a pdf from the print menu…

OK. I still think you should contact [un-named by you] printer manufacturer. Simultaneously, good to contact Microsoft about this.

I have the exact same issue that has just started. No change to printer driver. It must be related to Outlook right? Please let me know if you find a solution.

Turned Outlook back into classic mode.