MS Teams now always opening PDFs in SharePoint online?

MS Teams users – please could you confirm if the following is happening your side?

Since a few weeks back (presumably since the last update early in May), on clicking on a PDF inside the Mac app, it is no longer opened in-app (as happens with Word/Excel documents).
Instead, I am automatically re-routed to the shared company SharePoint site (my work is all-in on Office 365) over in Safari, where I need to allow the pop-up, to have it opened in a new tab by Adobe’s “documentcloud”…

This is annoying to say the least since, whilst Teams is frustrating in being a “single-window” paradigm in the native Mac app, one was at least kept inside the app. Now, PDFs are opened in Safari, but all the other office files open inside the app… Checked and cannot see any updates pending (running MS Teams 511157).

I have tried a search on the MS Office forums, but there is so much going on there, that I am struggling to confirm if this is widespread – so figured I would try my luck here!

I use Teams for my university course and I can’t say this is happening. I opened a PDF inside Teams today, no redirection to website.

Many thanks – this at least narrows things down.

Going to check with some other Mac users in my org to see if they are seeing the same – points to this being as a result of something on our side.

Hi Brad

I just tested and have the same problem you describe.

I don’t know since when because I do not use Teams in this way… I sync the channels/files section to my Mac using OneDrive and access the files via Finder – that way they open in my designated apps as normal and I sidestep the single-window limitation of Teams.

Thanks for letting me know! Will follow-up with our IT people.

Thanks – over on the MS forums (and in between spam-post replies offering me a kitchen remake by a Bangladeshi company! :upside_down_face:), they have also suggested I reach out to our IT – since they haven’t been receiving reports to this effect, it suggests this is a local setup issue.

My ellipses does offer to “make this a tab”, but get an error message, so nothing actually opens locally. The rest of the options, as you point out, all point to the browser option (as per below):

Microsoft Teams_0841-AM_03-06-2022