MsgFiler 4 Released

Adam Tow released MsgFiler 4, which is a great update to bring fast message filing and folder navigating to the newest version of Apple Mail.

While waiting for this update, I was using a combination of Paletro and a Keyboard Maestro macro called MailFolder.


Thank you! I was not aware of this app, and this is the missing link I have been looking for. I was ready to abandon Apple Mail because I can’t stand not being able to quickly file emails using a keyboard shortcut.

I was not aware of this app and find it very interesting. First impressions are that, even with MsgFiler 4, Mail remains far clumsier at keyboard navigation and filing than apps like MailMate. Still, I’m giving it a shot (and separately wondering whether I could write an apple-script based Alfred Workflow that could do the same stuff)

Another tool that does the trick of using the Accessibility APIs to extend the features of a built in app!