Mug Selection Focus Frame of Mind and Productivity

I found this article a nice read. While I don’t select my morning mug based on sentimental connections to people or places, I do select mugs based on what will keep my coffee hot longer and the size based on how badly I need the coffee!

That said, the more important issue is this article is the impact of certain habits or rituals on one’s state of mind and productivity. Selecting one’s mug is but an example. I nearly always follow a morning routine M-F and a different one on Sat and Sun. I find such habits or rituals contribute to starting my day in a good frame of mind and sets the stage for a more productive day. It also helps ensure I do the most important things first.

I’m curious, do you think about your mug selection and if so, what are some of your favorites?

And, do you have a morning routine/ritual that contributes to a positive frame of mind and productivity?

PS I may make you jealous. I have two authentic coffee mugs with the Apple logo that I purchased on two trips to Apple HQ for executive briefings (including one trip to the new campus). The new campus store does not sell them (at least they didn’t a couple of years ago). I picked the mugs up from their old campus store. I’ll post a picture when I get home this evening. I also have a black windbreaker with the Apple logo I purchased from their store. :slight_smile:

My favorite mug is from East Fork, but they are very expensive. I love a big hefty mug. Usually I drink espresso though, so have various fancy shot glasses. :grinning:

My coffee glassware (ceramics) does make me very happy. It’s part of the ritual and it adds to the enjoyment of the moment. That said, if I have a latte in a paper cup from somewhere, I’m good.


I am attached to my mug (made by a wonderful potter in the Appalachians) and wouldn’t give it up, nor change my morning. My mug is beside me from 4:30 to 7:30 for daily study; I love the quiet, the darkness leading to sunrise.



Fun! I suppose I have a few mood-setting mugs.

One is this yellow, black-rimmed cup, imported from a Polish enameler after seeing the movie. Fun fact: if Ken Miles actually carried that everywhere, it would become much more scratched up. I like the wear on mine.

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@Leeabe51 Those look like very nice mugs but wow, $38 for a coffee mug seems high, or I’m just cheap! :grin:

I’ll try again dear @MacSparky @ismh I for one would spring for a nice MPU mug! Just saying …. :rofl:

The MPU Yeti mug they sold awhile back is an excellent mood-setter!

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I have at least 10 mugs in one place and about 5 in another. I rotate through (ocd behavior I have been told, especially when it comes to unpacking the dishwasher and re-stacking the mugs). I have one with my father’s name, with my mother’s name, and with my name (I toast my parents each time on theirs). I have two that warn folks in different ways that I am not to be bothered with anything serious in the mornings. I have a Far Side mug (in honor of my brother, rest his soul), a mug from the local NPR station, and a mug from down under (with a platypus outline). I have one with a logo from work (at home). I have one for days that I might plan on grilling out and one for days that I may be in a Garfield state of mind (which I like solely for its size and being transparent, not for having Garfield on it).

Those are for morning coffee. I have two or more of the stouter, larger ones for the occasional evening tea.

An eclectic blend. No real constant favorites. Simply a rotation to enjoy as the random (or random with some pre-selection) moment in life hands to me in the morning.

Half-filled with coffee to start and each time. Multiple times refilled. Throughout the early to mid morning. While browsing forums, setting up my daily plans, and handling immediate firestorms before the real traffic arrives on my doorstep.



As promised, these are the mugs I picked up at Apple HQ’s old campus store. Two of my favorites. :slightly_smiling_face: