Multi-day weather forecast on watch?

Is there a way to do this? I purchased a premium Carrot Weather subscription but after 30 mins of fiddling it seems this either still isn’t possible, or I don’t understand how the app works. I am new to the watch, it’s a S5. Would be open to downloading other apps or changing to a different watch face if it would allow me to see my multi-day forecast.

Do you mean on the watch face or in in general?

I see the next 5 days in the carrot app on my watch.


Ditto what @aardy says. My main face has the Carrot complication on it – provides up to date and timely data for the current location and other saved locations. (Premium subscription.)

Maybe reboot the phone and watch? Are you on WiFi or cellular?

The Apple weather app on the watch shows 10 days ahead. I have it in my infogrph face. Just tap in it and scroll down.

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Yes on the watch face

I can access through the app I want it on watch face. I am WiFi at the moment; watch can do cellular but not yet activated.

Watchsmith can create a multi-day weather complication, though only for the large complication on the Infograph Modular face.

That’s what I said. Carrot is on the watch face. (That’s what a “complication” means.). Here it is – screen shot taken right now: Carrot is top, center, blue outline:


That’s not multi day though?

I don’t have Carrot Premium but the Tier1 pricing says it gives you more complications. If you use the right screen, you can get multi-time, so perhaps Tier 1 changes this to be daily?


Confirmed :slight_smile:

I just updated watchOS and it started showing up. Problem solved I guess! Thanks all.