Multi-device keyboards - anybody used the Logitech K480 and K780?

Looking at a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard, and my girlfriend has a K480 that I’m typing on right now. It’s not bad, but the key activation force is a little more than I like - and occasionally my iPad Pro slips out of the little channel if the keyboard tilts even a tiny bit.

Looking at other options, and I see Logitech has a K780 which looks similar, but with a longer and thicker (seemingly?) channel for the devices to sit in. I figure I might be able to chunk my iPad and phone into that at the same time.

Anybody used both and have thoughts?

Or alternatively, does anybody have a multi-device keyboard that they just absolutely love? I’d be okay with using a separate stand for the iPad, but it’s kind of cool having it built-in. :slight_smile:

I have a K380 and a little folding stand for the iPad. I did not like the channel in the keyboard that I had before the K380. The K380 holds a charge for quite a while, typing is comfortable but I wouldn’t write a book with it since it’s a bit cramped. Switching among devices is seamless. Nice, solid build. The keys are mushy of course. Comes with the territory.

Never tried K789. Used to have K480 but found fixed angle of iPad slot too upright and sometimes iPad felled out. Needed to hit the keys harder than normal. Moved to K380 and love it. Much lighter and better to type. Recently bought MX keys for Mac and it’s the best. Comfortable keys to type on, slight tilt of keyboard is great and of cause having backlit keys are great. Wider and heavier than I like but best keyboard. Interchanging between MX keys and K380 depending where I am.

I have only used the K780 and I have one at home and work. The channel will half an iPad Pro 12.9 in landscape and still have enough room to hold your phone as well. This is how store my devices when sat at my desk at home or work. As they are both in front of me I can quickly toggle the keyboard between iPad, phone and computer and start typing on my chosen device in seconds. With Face ID on the iPhone and iPad tapping the shift key a couple of times will prompt the connected device to unlock and go to the home screen and then you can command+space to open the app of your choice.


I have a K780. I have to say I mostly use it with Raspberry Pi computers and it’s fine.

I am aware that my setup is very much the opposite of what you’re seeking after, but I bought a Keychron K6 and a PBT keyset and I love this keeb more than I’d like to admit. So at least my answer is qualified for your first question :wink::

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That’s actually an absolutely beautiful option. My “main” keyboard is mechanical (Fnatic with brown switches), and a replacement that’s solid over Bluetooth would be awesome. My only quibble is that it would be a little bulkier than the other options for throwing in a backpack - but that might be surmountable.

Do you find the Bluetooth is pretty solid? And is the process of switching devices easy? It looks like it supports up to 3?

Do you use this as your primary / only keyboard?

It’s true. While it’s much more portable than, say, a TKL wired mech keyboard, it’s still much bulkier than something like a K480. I purchased a custom case for my K6 so that I can throw my MacBook and K6 into a backpack and the experience is quite OK, but I imagine it would be burdensome if you want to carry more than a laptop and a K6.

My only complaint is every time the K6 wakes up after power saving mode, it takes ~5 secs for it to resume Bluetooth connection with my laptop. In comparison, my MX Master 3 mouse resumes connection almost instantly. Other than this, I haven’t had any other connectivity issues.

It supports up to 3 devices and you switch devices with the shortcut fn1-Q / W / E.

Currently this is my only keyboard, I primarily use it at my desk and occasionally carry it outside.

Keychron is also just launching a low-profile variant of the K6:

I have the K480. With my old iPad it wouldn’t rest in the cradle with the case I had on it. I had an Otterbox case on it. The keyboard itself was fine. It would work okay with the iPad on its own stand.

I have a slightly different version: Logitech Easy‑Switch K811 which I bought back in March when I needed to be able to switch between devices at home (up to 3).

I should preface by saying that I’m fairly basic when it comes to my keyboard needs. I most often use and like Apple’s external Magic Keyboard, and if it supported multiple devices, that would be what I use full-time.

The K811 feels very good/sturdy to me. The bluetooth connection is rock-solid, and switching between devices is very quick. There’s a bit more “softness” and “travel” than with Apple’s keyboard, but the “softness” (I don’t know a better word for it) doesn’t feel like the keys are loose or sloppy, in fact, quite the opposite.

I will note that the keyboard goes in and out of stock at Amazon and when it is out of stock, I see some absurd prices listed for it. I paid $90 for it from a 3rd party seller, but it’s currently listed as $200. Absurd, as mentioned.

Anyway, good luck. I hope you find something you like.

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I was using the Logitech K811 multi way keyboard for quite a while, for Mac and 2 work Windows machines. However when I started working at home full time, I got frustrated with the lack of dedicated Home and End keys, although there are keyboard equivalents for them.

I now have a full sized Logitech MX Keys, regular(not Mac) version, connected by Bluetooth for Mac and dongle for the Windows machines, since the dongle is more reliable for Windows and also hot swappable.

I love this keyboard but there is something I had to get used to. On my previous Logitech keyboards Windows and Command are the same key. On this one Windows key is the same key as Mac Opt and Mac Command key is the same as Windows Alt.

I also have a Logitech solar powered keyboard which used to run out of power at home because it was living in a keyboard drawer. I had to leave it under lamps to power it up, defeating the purpose of the solar power. So that one moved to my office. It’s full sized but not multiway.

Old external keyboard was a Logitech K480. The switching between device is fast but after a few years it won’t connect to any of my devices anymore. Got a Keychron K6 recently and love it. The switching to devices isn’t that fast though as I found that it is easier to switch from MacBook Pro to iPad Pro by turning it on and off and then reconnecting. Takes me 10-15seconds every time. But I love typing on the K6 compared to the Logitech keyboard.

My Logitech MX Anywhere 2S can connect and switch devices instantly and I hope Keychron can figure out how to do that.