Multi-Media is coming back to the Display

Notice the new Samsung displays are trickling out and the M8 model piques my interest because it’s designed to be part TV, Conferencing solution and computing display.

Samsung Display Trifecta Press Release

Samsung’s M8 display is a SmartThings hub, Webcam,65-Watt PD charging and Airplay if I read elsewhere as it has streaming apps. Mate this with a Mac mini and you’ve got a potent system.

I think it’s going to be roughly $500 so it’s not going to be the cheapest of options but those who love minimalist desktops this might but a winner.


A 4K screen at 32-inches, and only 400 nits does not sound like something I would want to work on all day.

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Looks like a great device that eliminates a lot of redundancies.

I’d like to see a bit brighter screen.

Dell just announced their version.

Dell 4K Display with Sony Webcam.

If the rumors are true of the next iMac retaining a 27" display I see a lot of people buying Mac mini.