Multiplayer iOS games - Child Friendly

I’m looking for a multiplayer iPad game that I can play with my 6 year old son. Ideally, it would be good to be able to play against each other using 2 iPads, as opposed to passing one iPad back and forth.

I came across NBA Jam which has the ability to do this via WiFi, although I’ve never played it.

Any other fun games anyone can suggest?

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There are loads of great board games on iOS (not boring ones like Monopoly). A few I like to play:

• Carcassonne (build cities, farms, roads and claim points for them as they complete. Very strategic)
• Ticket to Ride (connect cities with train routes, trying to complete tickets you were given at the start)
• Pandemic (work together against the game to stop diseases from taking over the world)
• Splendor (collect gems to be able to afford properties which give you discounts on future purchases. Could be very educational about currency and small digit mathematics)


I’m a primary teacher. This isn’t a multiplayer game but it is certainly something you can play with your son especially if he is six. In fact, I’d recommend you play it with him.

The game it called Zoombinis and it teaches Logical Reasoning. There are adorable blue creatures that travel on there way to Zoombiniville and on the way they mostly solve puzzles by the their hair, their colored noses, their feet, and their eyes. Some puzzles are solved by trial and error.

My teacher friends and I use to play this game when we got home. The kids always begged to play. Talk about fun!

It is a game from the eighties recently released again much to my delight. If had to recommend only one piece of software– I’d select the Zombinis. I believe it was a mere $5. If it is too challenging for this year save it for next. But with your help it should be fine. Go right ahead! And let me know how you, and especially your son, like it, please!


Perfect, thank you for the suggestions. I’ll check some of them out!

Zoombinis looks great. I think he’ll love that. Downloading it now!

Pandemic looks like something he’d enjoy playing. Downloading it now to test it out. Thank you.

Oh I really hope so!

I just was on Facebook so I thought I’d add that it just came up that it is two dollars off the regular price of five dollars. Zoombinis it’s the best $3 a primary school parent can spend!

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Pandemic is a cooperative game. Adults can openly support a 6 year old player and each other.

Fine game, the digital version insists all rules are followed. This helps the team to experience defeat. The standard board game encourages interaction.

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The references to Pandemic, is that the for this one > “Pandemic: The Board Game”, by Asmodee Digital?

Are there other versions as well?

Reason I am asking, is that when searching, quite a few clones/similar type of games appear to be available, and want to be sure I am getting the correct version.