Multiple (2) users on a Mac

I’m sure this is easily resolved and I am doing something wrong. We have a MacBook that my wife and I share, with each of us having seperate logins.

We’re usually both logged in and we just switch users as needed.

The issue I have is when I have an app open, for example ExpressVPN, there’s no way for the other user to use that app, for example in this case to turn the VPN off (or on).

Is there a way for two users to use the same app? This feels like an incredibly basic functionality to have, otherwise why offer multiple user support?


probably depends on the app. for this question i would suggest you check out FAQ on Express VPN web site or ask their support.

also check permissions set up on your mac for the app.

Did you install the app in each user’s Application folder? Or (more likely) did you install it in the shared Application folder for all users?

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As I recall when I used ExpressVPN, this is how it worked for me:

If the app is installed and working for User1, quit EVPN, log in as User2, launch the app and it should then run an abbreviated setup. Just complete the setup.

From then on EVPN should be started and stopped by each user. The user that starts the app has the ability to change locations. Either can start or stop the app.